Shakespeare's Gospel Parodies - West Park Church

Date: 09/11/11 through 09/25/11
Hours: Sundays at 4; Mondays/Tuesdays at 7
Ages: All
Price: Free
165 86th Street - 555-555-0344
New York, NY 10024

Description: "Shakespeare’s Gospel Parodies: A Medieval Mystery Tour" puts a modern twist on the Medieval Mystery Play Cycle with a “Living Museum” performance that mixes live actors with supporting dramaturgy via YouTube and self-guided tours available with WiFi so bring your smart phones! The Shakespeare plays contains 14 resurrections, 12 Apocalypses, 5 Virgin Mary Allegories, 3,000 additional religious references, a variety of Christ figures and were written using 14 different translations of the Bible. And yet none of the plays end in Paradise. Why do the Marys (Juliet, Ophelia, Desdemona) die before giving birth to the savior? Why are the Messiah figures (Laertes, Shylock, Bottom/Pyramus) defeated? Why is Hamlet an anti-Christ who compares his mother to the Whore of Babylon? Could the Shakespeare Gospel Allegories be not the work of a devoted Christian, but Satires? Could the foundational texts of Western drama question the validity of its literature? Join the Dark Lady Players as they explore these questions and their possibly solutions. RSVP: