Vesta Fiesta! - McBurney Hall

Date: 08/05/11
Hours: 6:30pm
Ages: TE,AD
125 W. 14th Street - 917-312-3707
Manhattan, NY 10011

Description: A free public lecture at NYSKies by NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador Jason Kendall. The spacecraft Dawn has finally arrived at the asteroid Vesta after a four-year interplanetary trek. Propelled with the lightest of touches by its revolutionary ion thrusters, Dawn slowly matched its velocity to match the minor planet Vesta, the second largest asteroid in the asteroid belt. Dawn seeks to study this ancient body and learn its secrets. Vesta's surface is as old as the Solar System and hasn't beet changed much since then (except for one big impact that spans most of the Southern pole), so Dawn seeks to learn the composition of the oldest bodies, and helps us to find clues about the origin of the Solar System. NASA has meteorites from Vesta, but they are changed by landing on Earth. Dawn will see the real thing and will take us on a journey back in time to the dawn of the Solar System. Attendees (recommended for kids over age 12) will receive free posters and handouts from NASA. In addition, songwriter Donna Stearns has composed a special song for the Vesta Fiesta, which she and her "Big Bangers" will perform at the event.