'Dialog in the Dark' - South Street Seaport

Date: 08/20/11 through 12/31/12
Hours: 10am-7pm weekdays, 10am-9pm weekends. Runs through 2012
Ages: TW,TE,AD
Price: $18-$23.50 (guests are encouraged to reserve tickets in advance of their visit to skip the line)
11 Fulton St. - 888-926-3437
Lower Manhattan, NY 10038

Description: This exhibit leads visitors through a series of NYC environments highlighted by city-centric scents, sounds, temperatures, and textures, all in complete darkness. Relying on blind and visually-impaired guides, exhibit goers will "see NYC" and visit many well known landmarks without the sense of sight while armed with an authentic walking cane. Imagine taking a rumbling subway to your favorite location or maneuvering the crossroads of the world in Times Square while not being able to see a thing. Rest assured, the sounds and the smells will all be there to greet you. But will that be enough to guide your safe passage? The experience will forever change your perception of what it means to be blind or have low vision.