'Fire Burning Rain' A Rock Opera by Jihae and John Patrick Shanley - Highline Ballroom

Date: 09/08/11
Ages: All
431 W. 16th St. - 212-414-5994

Description: FIRE BURNING RAIN multi-media rock opera was created by internationally renowned artist/composer Jihae in collaboration with two time Academy Award winning playwright/director John Patrick Shanley. Inspired by Joan of Arc, Fire Burning Rain tells a futuristic story of a heroine's journeys to free 'the light'. The people of the upper world become devastated as the natural resources of the earth are depleted and their bodies have grown into buildings and wires. The heroine is their only hope to retrive 'the light' to save the dying earth and humanity. The heroine's pilgrimage to the magical and eerie forest of the underworld begins...The 70-minute performance is a fantastical multi-media display, including live music, modern dance, elaborate costumes and digital integration that envelopes the audience in a dreamlike world.