Stories for All Ages Presents: Enchanted Fairies & Elves - Teardrop Park

Date: 10/02/11
Ages: TOD,YE
Park Place West - 212-267-9700
Battery Park City, NY 10282

Description: The many environments in Teardrop Park - the bog, woodland gardens, prominent rock outcroppings, and the massive bluestone "ice wall" - offer inviting nooks where fairies and elves might live. These tiny mythological creatures, possessing both animal and human qualities, protect and defend their natural environments. They are found in cultures around the world and have distinct traits and appearances depending on the habitats. Participants can choose from many natural materials - twigs, leaves, moss, flowers, acorns, seedpods, and seashells - to create their own fairy house to take home in hopes that a fairy might pay them a visit. Participants will also make a set of wings from wire hangers, tulle, glitter and paint, transforming themselves and Teardrop Park into a fairyland.