"Perfect Catch: A Throwmantic Comedy" - Canal Park Playhouse

Date: 11/01/11 through 11/30/11
Hours: Saturdays and Sundays at 12pm and 2pm in November
Ages: TW,TE,AD
Price: $20
508 Canal Street - 866-811-4111
Manhattan, NY 10001

Description: Jen and Michael are co-workers who appear to have nothing in common except a love of office pranks and a general distaste for each other. But these two cubicle-dwelling New Yorkers also share a secret that binds them together. This common spark ignites a love affair filled with circus, dance, music, juggling, and physical comedy. This show is part of Canal Park Playhouse's Classic Brunch Matinee series. Audience members can enjoy a selection of items from The Waffle Iron Cafe.