'The Yellow Brick Road' - BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center

Date: 11/20/11
Ages: YE,TW
Price: $25
199 Chambers St. - 212-220-1459
Tribeca, NY 10007

Description: In this new musical inspired by "The Wizard of Oz," a young woman named Dora feels like she's caught between two worlds: her Latino family traditions and life as a contemporary American teenager. Dora can't figure out where she fits in and longs for a place where she can forge her own identity. A gran tornado carries Dora to a magical world filled with munchkins and a wicked bruja. There she meets three friends, each from a different Latin culture. Click your heels together tres veces, sing along with all-new songs written in contemporary Latin musical style, and discover, along with Dora, the power of embracing multiple cultures and the true meaning of "home."