P.A.L. Workshop Series for Parents of Accelerated Learners - The Downtown Community Center

Date: 11/15/11
Hours: 6:30pm
Ages: AD
Price: $10
120 Warren Street - 212-343-8881
Tribeca, NY 10013

Description: Jade's Toybox presents "What is the Right for My Child? Options in the Gifted Arena." A moderated panel of elementary school parents offer their perspectives on district-wide, citywide, public, and private options and the approaches to G&T Education in NYC. Join the discussion for an honest and rare look into the various gifted and talented programs available to children throughout New York City. "New York Family" editor Eric Messinger will moderate a panel of parents from Hunter College Elementary, plus citywide, district-wide, public, and independent schools that support advanced learners. Parents will share their experiences and discuss the pros and cons of each approach and when extra support may be needed. Topics will include: - What is all the hoopla about Hunter? - How is a citywide school program different from a district-wide program? - Do all private schools accommodate advanced learners and what are the right questions to ask? - Is a "really good" NYC public school the right fit for your G&T child? - What options are there for twice-exceptional or gifted children with learning differences like ADHD or Aspergers? - What are the pros and cons of a self-contained program? Other than Hunter and citywide, what are the other options? For more information, contact Angelique LeDoux at 212-343-8881, or email palworkshops@me.com. Register for the series at www.palworkshops.eventbrite.com.