New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players presents 'The Grand Duke' - Peter Norton Symphony Space

Date: 11/13/11
Ages: 12 and up
Price: $87-$67
2535 Broadway - (212) 864-5400
New York, NY 10025

Description: The New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players continues its new fall, winter and spring season with “The Grand Duke” on Sunday, November 13th (5PM) at Peter Norton Symphony Space (2535 Broadway at 95th Street). This is a one performance only event! The tangled plot of The Grand Duke, or The Statutory Duel involves an acting troupe engaged in a conspiracy to overthrow the miserly and mean spirited grand duke of a small German duchy. When the troupe’s leading comedian, Ludwig, accidentally discloses the conspiracy to the Grand Duke’s detective, only by means of a rigged statutory duel, fought with cards rather than weapons, is a mass execution avoided – with Ludwig installed as Grand Duke for a day. Then a series of weddings ensues for Ludwig, the first to the love of his choice and thereafter to women with legally binding and over-riding claims on the unwitting new Grand Duke, winding up with the arrival of The Prince of Monte Carlo and his daughter The Princess who was betrothed to The Grand Duke in infancy. Through his invention of roulette The Prince has escaped from poverty and come to claim The Grand Duke’s hand for his daughter. When it is revealed that the rigged statutory duel, won by an ace over a king, was incorrectly ruled upon because the statute explicitly states that the ace shall count as the lowest - not the highest - card, all are restored to their proper loves and a truly joyous multiple wedding celebration occurs.