Science Sunday: Welcome to 2012 - Yet Another Year the World Won't End! - Hudson River Museum & Planetarium

Date: 01/29/12
Hours: 2-3pm
Ages: YE,TW,TE
Price: $5; $3 seniors/children 5-16 years old; free children 5 and younger
511 Warburton Avenue - 914-963-4550
Yonkers, NY 10101

Description: 2012 will bring a presidential election, SuperBowl XLVI, the Summer Olympics in London, and the touchdown of the largest-ever, nuclear-powered Mars rover, but what about all those Maya prophecies...and giant rogue comets...and the Earth's magnetic field collapsing? These tales of impending catastrophe aren't the first to be bandied about, and they won't be the last. Let's examine these forecasts of astronomical, calendrical, and geomagnetic weirdness, and why the Earth, in many ways, is a tougher old bird than you might think. The science is much more interesting than the rumors! Presented by Marc Taylor, Planetarium Coordinator. Recommended for ages 8 and older.