Paper Bag Players: Let Your Imagination Soar! - Queensborough Community College

Date: 01/23/12
Hours: 10:30am
Ages: TOD,YE
Price: $8
222-05 56th Ave. - 212-353-2332
Bayside, NY

Description: Funny stories, thrilling paper bag sets and costumes, freewheeling dances, lots of audience participation, and new songs you'll be singing long after you've left the theater, are all a part of this brand new show. The Paper Bag players are going on a rollicking journey – and taking you and your kids, grades pre-k-3, along for the ride. From a musical story about the first day of school to the tale of a magical contraption that does all your chores for you, this show will tickle your funny bone, stretch your child's imagination, and make you smile from ear to ear.