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What's your idea of quality family time?

    Game night
    Eating dinner together
    Going to a movie
    Getting a kiss before the kids run out the door

as of Monday, November 30, 10:59:28 PM

PARADE OF CHAMPIONS: Did you let your kids take off from school to go to the World Series Parade?

  A.  No, school is more important. - 61.1%
  B.  Yes, and I'll be taking off too! - 11.1%
  C.  Yes- it's a memory they'll never forget. - 27.8%

03/28/12What's your idea of quality family time?
02/23/12Would you ever consider changing your baby's name?
02/15/12Winter is here and it's cold outside (well, sort of). Which kid-oriented indoor activities are your favorite during this chilly season?
02/15/12Winter is here and it's cold outside (well, sort of). What indoor activities keep your children busy without driving you crazy during this chilly season?
02/02/12What do you want your child to give you this Valentine's Day?
11/29/11Halloween is long gone, but we bet the trick-or-treat plunder is still lingering. Which goodies are always the last to go in your house?
10/04/11Which member of your family is most likely to dress up as an Angry Birds character this Halloween?
03/21/11What would you tell the parents of your toddler’s play date if your home had recently been infected with bedbugs?
07/21/10CYBER BULLYING: Has your child been the victim of bullying or teasing while on a cell phone or computer?
07/01/10If you saw a parent publicly hit or scream at her child in a way you disagree with, would you say something?
06/16/10WORKING PARENTS: Who cares for your child while you are working?
05/26/10Where will you take the family on vacation this summer?
05/12/10WORKING MOMS: Have you experienced any conflicts with your child's caretaker?
04/27/10The NYC Department of Education has banned the sale of home-baked goods in city schools. Your reaction?
04/13/10Did you and your spouse/significant other agree on how many children to have?
03/23/10 Do you think parents should let babies "cry it out?"
02/23/10Do you support a federal ban on junk food in schools?
02/01/10At what age is it appropriate for kids to be using FACEBOOK?
01/20/10How has your family been responding to news updates about the earthquake in Haiti?
01/06/10New Year, New Focus: Will you concentrate on increasing exercise, changing your family’s dietary habits, or a combination of both?
12/23/09How do you usually divide your time for holiday visits among immediate family, extended relatives and in-laws?
12/16/09HOLIDAY SHOPPING: How realistic are your children's wish lists?
11/16/09CRUISE SHOES: Three year-old Suri Cruise sports high heels on a regular basis. What's your take?
11/10/09SAME SEX MARRIAGE BILL: Will you discuss this with your children?
11/06/09PARADE OF CHAMPIONS: Did you let your kids take off from school to go to the World Series Parade?
11/04/09BASEBALL: Assuming the Yankees win, will you let your kids take off from school to go to the World Series Parade?
10/20/09BALLOON BOY: Should the parents be punished for this hoax?
10/14/09HOUSEWORK: Who does the most of the chores in your house?
09/30/09SCHOOL DAYS: President Obama wants to extend the school day and/or cut summer vacation. Do kids need to be in school more?
09/22/09STDs and CANCER: Pediatricians advise girls to get the Gardasil shot at age 9. Will you have your daughter get it?
09/08/09OBAMA'S SCHOOL SPEECH: Should it be mandatory viewing?
08/19/09BACK TO SCHOOL TIME: Love It or Hate It?
08/03/09BRING ON THE VACCINES: Will you get your child vaccinated against swine flu this year?
07/27/09Have your kids started their summer assignments yet?
07/22/09FAMILY FINANCES: Who pays the bills in your family?
07/15/09SUMMER WEATHER: What do you think of this summer's cool temperatures?
07/07/09MICHAEL JACKSON: When you talk to your kids about the King of Pop, do you discuss both sides- his talent and his troubles?
06/24/09SOCIAL NETWORKING: Twitter or Facebook- what do you prefer?
06/16/09JUST STOP!:How do you settle your children’s bickering?
06/09/09BACK-UP: Having parents around to lend a hand makes parenting loads easier. What's the ideal distance?
05/31/09IN-LAWS: Do they affect your marriage?
05/18/09Will you have your child get the flu shot next year?
05/11/09Have your family vacation plans changed this year?
05/06/09CALLING ALL MOMS: How would you prefer to spend this Mother’s Day?
04/28/09Are you more likely to take your child to the doctor and/or avoid crowds now that the swine flu has hit the city?
04/20/09FRANKLY SPEAKING: How do you really feel about breastfeeding in public?
04/14/09THE BIG TALK: When will you explain the birds and bees to your kids?
03/30/09NAMING BABY: You’ve fallen in love with a name for your future child- maybe even liked it since childhood. Is it OK to tell your girlfriends, sisters, cousins, etc…that they shouldn’t use it for their child?
03/23/09What was your favorite time of your child's life?
03/16/09TIMING: When did you and your spouse agree on the number of children you wanted?
03/08/09BATTLE OF THE SEXES: If you had a choice, which gender would you choose for your first born?
03/03/09YOU BE THE JUDGE: If you had an option, how much maternity leave time would you want?
02/23/09KIDS DATING?: These days, kids have boyfriends/girlfriends as young as age 11 or 12. When will you let your children date?
02/17/09SAVING FACE: How regularly do you check your Facebook page?
02/08/09OUT & ABOUT: How often do you and your spouse go out on a date?
02/03/09TOO MUCH: How many hours a night of homework do your children generally get?
01/26/0930 HOUR WORKWEEK: To save money, some companies are forgoing the typical fulltime 40 hours and scaling down to 30. Would this work for you?
01/19/09At what age did your maternal instincts kick-in and you knew you wanted a baby?
01/12/09KIDS AT WORK? What' s your take on it?
01/06/09ZIP IT! The holidays are over, so how many pounds do you need to lose before you can zip those jeans back up?
12/31/08Looking forward to 2009?
12/23/08RETURNS: Will you be returning gifts this year?
12/15/08At what age will you tell your kids the truth about Santa?
12/08/08PINK OR BLUE? Who are easier to raise: boys or girls?
12/02/08Will you find out the sex of your baby before he/she is born?
11/24/08How much will you spend this holiday season?
11/17/08Deal or no deal- are you shopping on Black Friday?
11/11/08Be honest ... Thanksgiving's around the corner-are you looking forward to seeing family?
11/04/08SHH....WE WON'T TELL Do you secretly love your kids more than you love your spouse?
10/27/08Trick-or-treat alone? At what age can they go out?
10/21/08Given the economy, have you spoken to your kids about living under a tighter budget?
10/14/08Are you making or buying your child's Halloween costume?


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