Tutors, Classes and Programs for Kids in Queens, NY

Tutors, Classes and Programs for Kids in Queens, NY


Tutors, Classes and Programs for Kids in Queens, NY

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UPDATED JULY 2015: Looking for tutors, classes, and programs in Queens, NYC? This guide helps you find a list of tutors, academic centers, math tutors, writing and English tutors, foreign language study, homework help programs, and after-school enrichment programs Astoria, Jamaica, Kew Gardens, Far Rockaway, Flushing, and Elmhurst, to help your students do better in school with extra homework help and after-school programs

173-19 69th Ave., Flushing
Email n2xdr@earthlink.net

The Children's Corner Daycare has been providing a home away from home for newborns to school-age children for more than 22 years. An extremely positive reputation has been built up over the years and we aim to continue maintaining this positive influence in our community for a very long time. We feature a 100-foot secure play yard with lots of room to explore and play, as well as age-appropriate developmental activities.

68-02 Metropolitan Ave., Middle Village

CK offers families one location for all of their educational and leisure activities. Test prep and summer bridge classes are offered for all grades, as well as private tutoring. Dance, drama, and karate in our state-of-the-art facilities are just some of the fun classes we offer! Ample parking, reasonable prices, and flexible scheduling! CK has served the community for more than 50 years.

193-10 Peck Ave., Fresh Meadows

At Highland, we offer small classes with warm and caring teachers and a family-oriented atmosphere that creates a supportive environment for students in grades pre-K through eighth grade. Strong programs in foreign language, physical education, art, music, and drama complement the core curriculum in all grades. The facility has air-conditioned classrooms, a computer laboratory, full gymnasium, and outdoor playing fields. Early morning drop-offs, after-school care and activities, holiday, and vacation programs available.

200 -13 32nd Ave., Bayside
256-10 Union Turnpike, Glen Oaks
Email auburndale@jeilearning.com

Since 1977, our programs have helped children achieve academic success around the world. JEI has a scientific diagnostic system for children in pre-K through ninth grade, pinpointing the missing links in learning and prescribing individual study programs based on specific needs. Our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards. We offer multi-day preschool alternative and summer camp programs. Our Lil’ Genius classes focus on creativity, collaboration, and communication in an interactive environment using touch-screen technology found in leading public and private schools. Call about our year-round program and early registration discounts.

194-11A Northern Blvd., Bayside

Kent Prep is currently accepting registrations for its after-school and Saturday enrichment programs during the 2015-2016 school semester! Subject-specific and experienced teachers target NYS Common Core standards, while also exposing more advanced concepts needed for acceleration. Various programs and schedules are available to meet each child’s needs, so email info@kentprep.com or call 718-423-5757 for more information, or to schedule a consultation.

LIU Post, Brookville

The Long Island University program for gifted children was established in 1979 in response to the increasing recognition of society’s special responsibilities for children with demonstrably superior intellectual ability. The Long Island University Center for Gifted Youth brings together two important elements of education for the gifted extraordinary teachers recruited from leading high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools in the metropolitan area and university-level facilities. These two factors, combined with an administrative and psychological team schooled in the needs of gifted children, give the program at LIU Post unique strengths in producing positive benefits for young people admitted to the program.

8702 Grand Ave., Elmhurst
Email tutornina@hotmail.com

We tutor kids in grades K-12. For the past six years, we have provided quality education that helps kids excel in school. Our excellent, highly dedicated, and experienced tutors are very competent. We provide students with a foundation of education they can use throughout their life. We specialize in homework help and offer critical thinking and writing classes. We help improve skills in math, ELA, science, and social studies. We also have an intensive preparation program for ELA, math, and science citywide and statewide exams. We are highly recommended by various educators.

43-01 Bell Blvd., 2nd Floor, Bayside

Power Brain Training Center helps your child create health, happiness, and optimal achievement by tapping into their full brain potential. Focus, confidence, creativity, and memory are enhanced through physical, emotional, and cognitive exercises, breathing techniques, visualization, guided imagery, and games. As PBTC’s motto says, “Healthy Body, Happy Heart, Power Brain, I Can Do It!” Call PBTC to schedule a free trial class or body and brain check-up. PBTC also offers classes and workshops for adults, parents, and the whole family.

185-10A Union Turnpike, Fresh Meadows
718-264-ROBO (7626)
Email robomindtech@gmail.com

RoboMindTech is a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education center and research organization that integrates the motivational effects of robotics and Lego® play into a unique, hands-on curriculum for ages 4-14, designed to inspire young minds. Channel your child’s creative energy into fun science and robotics activities that teach important concepts in an active immersion environment. We offer weekly summer camps. Look for our after-school programs, off-site school workshops, and school field trips. RoboMindTech is the tournament partner of the World Robot Olympiad. Home of the 2013 First Lego League Champion and Team USA of World Robot Olympics.


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