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Amethyst School of Martial Arts

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1827 Cornaga Ave. | Far Rockaway, NY | 718-471-7505 | rudoryu.com




School will be back in session before you know it.  Do you know where your child will be or what she’ll be doing after school ends each day?  Let Amethyst School of Martial Arts be the answer.  Our Afterschool sessions will offer your child a safe, structured and stimulating environment.  Apply now for ASMA Afterschool Services and receive 50% off registration fees.  This offer is good until August 31st

ASMA Afterschool includes:

  • Pick-up from vicinity schools
  • Comprehensive homework help
  • Snack time
  • Educational games
  • Self-defense mentoring
  • Enjoyable Skill building activities
  • Later hours for working parents

Have the peace of mind of not just knowing where your child is, but knowing that he’s in an environment that will foster the discipline, confidence and “achievement mindset” which he’ll take back to school with him the next day and throughout his life.  Apply now for ASMA Afterschool Services and receive 50% off registration fees.  This special expires after August 31st.  Special discounts apply for children matriculated into ours “Stars” program. 


Amethyst School of Martial Arts offers year round programs for everyone ages 3 & up.  As you walk through the doors of our spacious Rockaway studio, you’ll immediately feel the culture of courtesy and respect that exemplifies the Martial Arts.  One of our qualified instructors will be there to greet you and take your child through an engaging introductory lesson while you observe and imagine the potential she can reach as a student here at ASMA.  Call today to schedule that free introduction lesson for her at 718-471-7505. 

ASMA is proud to celebrate 10 years of service to the Rockaway, South Queens, Nassau and surrounding communities.  Our Chief Instructor, Soke Runako Mashama puts over 43 years of his expertise into a comprehensive system of Martial Arts training and education called Rudo Ryu Jiu Jitsu.  Soke Runako’s teaching methodology addresses any learning style, character traits and behavior.  Clearly defined and appropriate classroom task goals are set in order to hone in the student’s concentration, patience and determination.  Read more about our instructors and Martial Arts system.

Whether your child needs to stand up to that bully or simply get the courage to raise his hand in the classroom he’ll learn to believe in himself - then “just do it”!  Our happy parents report feedback of positive and even immediate results in their child’s level of confidence, discipline, academic performance, fitness and respect towards others.   We are proud of the progress of our blossoming young Martial Arts practitioners and look forward to your child becoming one of them so again call us today to schedule your child’s free introduction lesson at 718-471-7505

Enjoyment is the key to effective learning.  Our class training sessions always include games, fun drills and challenges to complement lesson objectives.   ASMA also hosts fun weekend activities, special events including tournaments and even group trips which strengthen the bonds of friendship formed between students and their families.  See our gallery of event photos.


Pre-Black Belt Matriculation (STARs):  Our popular STARs program takes the student on a rewarding learning journey through the principles, mechanics and applications of the Martial Arts using the system of forms, drills and techniques from the Rudo Ryu Jiu Jitsu curriculum.  This program will prepare the student for future Black Belt candidacy while equipping them with the necessary skills for life along the way.  Student progress is marked by a traditional color coded Belt ranking system.  All students ages 3 through Adult are welcome regardless of experience level.

Homeschool PhysEd:  Fulfill your child’s Physical Education requirement through special Morning classes for homeschooled students.  We’re not just about kicking and punching at ASMA so you’ll definitely want to make us a part of your Homeschooling Curriculum.  Have a peek at our Homeschool PhysEd syllabus. Call today to enroll your child for the Fall 2013 semester at 718-471-7505.  All homeschooled students grades Pre-K through 12 welcome.

Afterschool Services: When the school bell rings, let your child stay with us.  Our Afterschool programs offer your child a safe, structured and stimulating environment.  Afterschool services include, pick-up from vicinity schools, comprehensive homework help, snack time, educational games, self-defense mentoring, skill building activities and later hours for working parents.  Give your child the opportunity to put the video games down, get active and encourage a chain reaction of more good habits. 


Registration is now open for Afterschool Services.  Registration fees are 50% until August 31st.  Special discounts apply for children matriculated into our “Stars” program. 

Summer Martial Arts Camp:  Cover all your needs for a safe, structured and stimulating environment during school breaks with our Martial Arts Camp program.  Activities include Morning Yoga, Martial Arts training, weekly trips, pool side fun, arts & crafts, library visits and so much more.   Full summer, weekly and per diem packages are available for easy fitting into your family’s Summer schedule.  Enrollment for Summer Camp begins January 31st.  Intermittent Camp Services are offered for Winter and Spring school breaks.  Sign up here to receive all camp notifications.  Special discounts apply for children matriculated into ours “Stars” program. 

Birthday Parties:  Give your child a birthday to remember at ASMA.  Our party package offers 90 minutes of non-stop fun for up to 25 children.  Activities include obstacle course challenge, Self-defense lesson & mini-competition where everyone wins a prize.  Just give us your invitation list at least two weeks in advance, bring the cake & we’ll take care of the rest.  Call us to reserve your child’s party today at 718-471-7505!  All parties are scheduled for Saturdays at 1pm and 5pm.

Everything you could possibly want in a Martial Arts school is right here at Amethyst School of Martial Arts.  It all starts with that free introduction lesson which we’re waiting to schedule for you so call us today at 718-471-7505!

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