Cadenza Music Center

Cadenza Music Center Cadenza Music Center Cadenza Music Center

The Cadenza Music Center offers high quality music instruction to students of all ages. Our professional approach includes recitals, master classes, free theory classes, Jury exams and seminars for parents. We believe the study of music should be fun at all stages and we work hard to achieve that goal.


Every child is unique, our goal is to guide and help them succeed in their musical Journeys, providing a fun and caring learning experience.


At the Cadenza Music Center, we offer different programs to cater to the needs of families who want to expose their children to the art of music in a more relaxed, fun manner, as well as families who are looking for a more rigorous, ambitious approach to help their children succeed in examinations, auditions and competitions.


Students will be exposed to the basics of the chosen instrument, covering areas of technique, posture, hand position, note reading, rhythmic accuracy, solfege and fundamentals of musical theory.  Students will get weekly homework assignments and will be engaged in instruction for the entire 60 minutes of class.


Students that are ready for private instruction (by evaluation) will take ½ hour of private lesson every week. In addition, they will take a free theory/ ear training class, which is also included in the tuition for this program. 


Students that wish to be prepared for examinations such as NYSSMA and Royal Music Schools will be prepared to succeed in these exams. A special weekly performance class will give students the opportunity to perform their pieces in front of others as often as possible, which will help build confidence in order to have a successful Exam. In addition to the performance class, students in this program will also take a weekly free theory/ ear training class as part of this package.

Cadenza Music Center Cadenza Music Center


Students that wish to enter into a more rigorous, selective program, will be able to sign up for a 45 min. private lesson, plus Theory/ Ear training class, performance classes every week as well as participating in Master Classes by distinguished artists/ teachers. We will help students in this program choose the right repertoire for auditions, entrance exams for colleges and performing arts high-schools. In addition, when students are ready, we will help find competitions and auditions that students can participate in. 


The Directors of the Cadenza Music School, concert pianists Cecilia Yibirin-Soderberg and Martin Soderberg have taught music in New York, Europe, and Latin America for more than 30 years. They have developed an innovative and extensive curriculum for students of all ages. The Faculty at the Cadenza Music School is carefully screened and selected to meet the needs of an ambitious and carefully planned program for our students. We believe the success of music lessons has a lot to do with choosing the right teacher. Teachers have different levels of experience, different backgrounds, different approaches, therefore we help you find the right teacher for your child and will offer a free trial lesson to make sure that you and your child are satisfied and looking forward to the lessons.


The Cadenza Concert Series will feature guest Artists of different instruments, styles and genres, as part of our Enrichment Program.

The concerts will be open to the community as well and will be in the format of lecture/recital in order to make the experience educational as well as entertaining for our audience. All our concerts will be kids friendly and suitable for the entire family to enjoy. In addition to professional artists concerts, The Cadenza Music Center offers our students the opportunity to perform in monthly recitals.


Our Summer Music Fun Program lasts six weeks starting in July through August. For students ages 5 through 15. Hours are 9 am to 12:00 pm and students may enroll for any number of weeks from one to six. A $75 deposit is required to reserve a space for this program.


These classes (for ages 3 to 4 and 1/2) introduce children to musical concepts through a variety of materials and activities. Children are able to explore free and active movement, singing, chanting and playing simple percussion instruments as well as use props for improvisation. Parents are encouraged to listen, play and dance along with their children.

Cadenza Music Center

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