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98-11 Queens Blvd. (at 65th Ave.) | Rego Park/Forest Hills, NY | 718-997-1278 | dancesource.net

Our smaller dance classes allow more individual attention to our dancers by our instructors, so the corrections come quickly and effectively to ensure the dancer's correct development.

In the 30+ years that The DanceSource has been here, we have maintained our strong Ballet curriculum for all ages, and have built on the multi-disciplines that we offer in all realms of dance... including the standards of  Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, and the not so standards of Belly Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Arte Jujitsu Martial Arts, Georgian Dance, Bollywood and Classical Barata Natyam Indian Dance. And did you know that if you subscribe to the Subscription package, and miss one of your dance classes, that you can make up your missed class in nearly all of the other disciplines? What a great way to try a new dance style.

Health Benefits of Dance: When Children and Adults come to dance class and take a regiment of regular dance classes, they convert themselves from soft and chubby shapes into solid and toned bodies. It happens consistently in anyone who attends dance class on a regular basis. If a person who has limited mobility attends a dance class, and does so on a regular basis, they will begin to gain benefits of increased mobility, lower their overall heart rate, gain stability, and begin to stabilize their weight. If they continue  they will feel better about themselves, and gain confidence. 


All of that, and our classes are now 50% off if you enroll now!         




HI Dancers and Friends of The DanceSource, You're receiving this, as you've given us permission to send you emails on occasion. If you wish to opt out, please email us back and advise us.

The DanceSource will be closed from Wednesday, Dec 25 through Wed January 1st, 2014. We will be having class on Tuesday, December 24th, and on Thursday January 2nd, 2014.

It's Winter at The DanceSource!  We're staying warm in the studio, but its always a good idea to bring a sweater this time of year to dance class.

We're certainly hoping to see all of you in class soon, and if anyone has make up classes to attend to, please do so before the Fall/Winter session ends, on January 31st, 2014.   And any final payments are asked to be cleared up now at The DanceSource. If you are in doubt, please call or stop by the office to confirm your account standing.

Winter/Spring Semester will begin on February 1st.   We are hoping to see a lot of you who haven't been here this season come back to us in the Winter/Spring Semester, as its time to begin choreographing our dances. If you plan to be in the June 22nd Recital, then I would like to stress the relevance that you are in ALL your dance classes.... that would be 21 for those of you in semester enrollment.

If anyone has any questions, you are welcome to email, call, or come talk to us in person. We'll be happy to help you with anything you need. So, looking forward to seeing you back in dance class at The DanceSource soon!

I am happy to report that we have had a very steady clientele year after year with dancers who wish to better their dance technique, knowing that there is so much more to learn than just one year's experience can offer. This year we have a batch of 12 year old Ballet dancers who have been with us for about 5 years, and it’s time to take them to pointe shoes. I cannot begin to tell you the excitement, the joy of these young dancers who will be experiencing this very benchmarked experience in a young dancer's life. We offer this level of professionalism in all our dance forms, for Tap, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Modern, Hip Hop, Belly Dance, Bollywood, Barata Nathyam, Arte Jujitsu, Yoga and Pilates.

I had a parent tell me the other day that her dancers were "amateur", “On the contrary!"  I said. Every dancer that comes to The DanceSource is seen as a potential professional dancer. It's up to them, and how much time they choose to invest as to how well developed a dancer they become. I have several dancers who have gone on to a full dance career, or dance education. We will be able to offer you training that will take you to a level that will give you the ability to walk into any dance audition, or try for any dance company that you choose. It is my hope to take every dancer to a professional level of dance skill; it’s up to them if they accept that challenge. 

Dianna Petty
The DanceSource

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The Dancesource offers ballet, pointe, tap, gymnastics, hip-hop, classical Barata Nathyam, Bollywood Indian dance, Egyptian belly dance, modern, ballroom, and martial arts Arte Jujitsu classes, since 1994. Administration available after school Monday-Wednesday 4:30-7:30pm, Saturday 9:30am-2pm, and Sunday 9:30am-12:30pm. Rental space is available. New classes coming this fall. We emphasize fun in our dance technique! See our new updated website coming in September!

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