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"Two" and Mommy... during Sunday Morning Combo class. 

Cassiah and Stacey with Lollipops that Miss Jenna gave out last Saturday.

Dear Dance Families and Friends of The Dancesource,

Thank you for participating in our 21st Annual Dance Recital this last June 28th, 2015. All of our dancers show their newly developed dance skills this year in their dance classes. Our photos and videos are now ready for you to pick up. The Photos are $3 each or 2 for $5. The Videos are $15 each, or 2 for $25. Lauren Oliver took over 900 photos, so we will take time to show you photos of your dancer(s).

We learned a few lessons this season, bear with us as we make changes to serve you to the best of our ability. First, our Dance recital in 2016 will be June 12th - go ahead and write that in your calendars now. Second, we will make changes to our photography and video policy. All Dance and Theater industries will not allow flash photo, nor video during performance. See the recent articles written on Benedict Cumberbatch's reaction in the New York Times  With this, and with much research, this is our new policy:

The Dancesource will permit non-flash photos and non-invasive video to be taken during Dress Rehearsal the day of the show, before the actual Recital. For the 2:00PM early performance, dress rehearsal is from 11:30AM until 1:30PM, and recital will begin at 2:00PM. For the 6:30PM, dress rehearsal will begin at 3:30PM and end at 6:00PM. These will be the hours that we will permit family and friends to take non-flash photo and non-invasive video of their dancers in costume. For the Recital, we will ask that you DO NOT TAKE ANY VIDEO NOR PHOTO DURING RECITAL. We will have a professional photographer and video camera dedicated to taking shots during the performance, so that you may enjoy the recital to its fullest.   

We do use our photos and video for promotion of the studio when we send you these communicative emails, on Facebook, and other social media. Please abide by this new rule, and respect that we are protecting the dancers from photos and video which interrupts their performance, and can prove dangerous to the dancers. I did get reports of dancers who were bothered by this during recital this year. So please respect this new video and photography rule. We will have the videos and photos available for you to purchase after the show.

I have a stroller at the studio, does anyone claim it?

We are cleaning the studio this month, and will achieve to be bright and shiny for all of you when you return in September. We will be doing fall Registration on Monday, September 7th, Labor Day, 2015. We will be open from 10:00AM until 6:00PM, please stop by and register that day if at all possible. Then classes will begin on Tuesday, September 8th.  Please update us with your new addresses, and let us know if you intend to be in class this fall. There have been a few changes, but not many, to class schedule. Our schedule has been updated on our website, so please link our website link below, and scroll down to touch the Schedule page, and you will be taken to the current schedule.
We look forward to seeing you soon at The Dancesource. Come tell us your great summer experiences!

Dianna Petty

Did you know that the Ballet/Tap/Gymnastics class for 3,4,5 year olds has moved to Thursday 6:30PM? That time slot became the winning time, so we have moved the weekday class to Thursday 6:30PM.

And did you know that we now offer Private ballroom classes for Quincinera, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet 16, Wedding Dances, and other specialty dances? We are also open on Sunday afternoon for birthday parties. Contact us for more information. 

If you have been a former dancer at The Dancesource, and wasn't happy with the first class you took, then please consider a different class. We'll even give you a second free trial class if this happened to you. And if you have decided to move on, but were happy with our classes, then please be sure to pass the word to your friends in the neighborhood, to let them know about The Dancesource. It's our intention to do right by our dancers and customers, and we really do need you back and soon! If you're not returning this year, please let us know if you'll be back in the summer, or this coming Fall 2015.

We're always open to constructive feedback. If we need to know something to make your experience at The Dancesource better, then please send us an email. I promise we'll read it, and listen to what you have to say. We're always trying to improve and make your dance classes The Dancesource your best experience ever.

Come visit in the Dancesource office and be sure that your payments are current and up to date. We will thank you for that. 

We're only 4 months away from performance, so please be sure you get to all of your dance classes on time, and practice at home. We are very excited to see when you have learned your routines!

Keep smiling, and remember to point your feet!  See you in dance class soon.



Did you know that The DanceSource is now on Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, and have you seen our new website at  Please visit our online locations, and let us know if you like what we are doing. 

Dianna Petty
The DanceSource
98-11 Queens Blvd. at 65th Ave
Rego Park, NY 11374

The Dancesource will be open for its fall registration on Monday, Sept. 7 from 10am-6pm, and classes will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 8. We offer an excellent selection of dance classes for children, teens, and adults, with a wide array of classes to choose from. Our classes are offered Monday- Thursday, 4:30-8:30pm, Saturday, 8:30am-7pm, and Sunday, 9:30am-3pm. Check out our website, to see our latest class offerings. Then come and take your first free trial lesson, and select your dance classes to enroll into. We are so excited to see you in our fall classes at The Dancesource! Call 718-997-1278 for more information.