Power Brain Training Center

Power Brain Training Center
Empowers adults and children to
use Brain Education (BE) to maximize their
innate brain potential to promote health,
happiness and peace on an individual,
community and global level


 The Power Brain Training Center is an innovative Brain Education training center for adults and children.  Combining classical Asian mind-body techniques with the latest findings from neuroscience, PBTC classes and programs utilize physical, emotional and cognitive exercises designed to help our members realize their innate brain potential. Using the 5-step Brain Education System Training (B.E.S.T.) curriculum, our certified BE Trainers and Instructors emphasize an integrated approach to healthy and effective brain management.   Whether your primary goal is to reduce stress, improve concentration, lose weight or find peace of mind, the key lies in how you utilize the power of your brain. At PBTC, we offer a fun, challenging and empowering environment to help our members succeed.




For Kids

The Kids program is designed to develop the “whole child” through hundreds of physical, emotional and cognitive exercises and activities.  The program introduces the following components of healthy, happy and peaceful child development:

  • Physical Health, Good Nutrition, Brain and Body Awareness, Concentration, Focus and Memory, Brain Coordination and Integration, Stress Management and Relaxation, Emotional Regulation and Positive Attitude, Confidence and Self-efficacy, Imagination and Creativity, Goal Setting and Life Purpose, Global Consciousness

Student Leadership Program

Our BE Student Leadership Program offers an amazing opportunity for students to develop their character and leadership skills.  Over the course of a weekend, students participate in advanced ?Brain Education training (physical exercise, social/emotional regulation activities and brain exercises designed to improve confidence, focus, memory and imagination) with an emphasis on leadership skills.  The camp provides a nurturing, fun atmosphere and encourages participants to overcome their limitations and develop their truest potential.


Power Brain Summer Program

Our interactive and engaging summer program empowers students to improve social relationships, confidence, physical health, creativity, concentration and academic success

 Each camp day also contains two Brain Power Study Enhancement Sessions.  These differentiated sessions include interactive read aloud, independent and guided reading and journaling.  The Brain Power Study Enhancement Sessions prioritize the Brain Screen training method to improve memory and comprehension across all subject areas.

Advanced Training and Sleep Away Camps are also available!


For Adults

We also offer dynamic and fun classes for adults. These classes include deep meridian stretching exercise, tai chi, vitality breathing, and meditation exercise to strengthen and energize the body, open the heart and relax and focus the mind.

Advanced Workshops are available


For Families

Power Brain Family Class

Learn how to develop your brain power to create a healthier, happier, and more peaceful life for you and your family.  Family class includes specialized Brain Education games and activities to help families increase communication, respect and appreciation for one another. You will enjoy lots of fun and laughter during this special time connecting with your family.

Power Brain Family Retreat

Power Brain Education offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a meaningful vacation while learning how to be a Power Brain family. 

Set in the beautiful Catskills Mountains at the incredible Honor’s Haven Resort, you will enjoy a variety of specialized Brain Education (BE) programs and activities designed to help the members of your family tap into their brains’ potential while strengthening a healthy and loving family bond. 

Fun, transformative BE programs will lead you to a deeper understanding of your family members and provide a special time to come together as a family.





Power Brain Training Center helps your child create health, happiness, and optimal achievement by tapping into their full brain potential. Focus, confidence, creativity, and memory are enhanced through physical, emotional, and cognitive exercises, breathing techniques, visualization, guided imagery, and games. As PBTC’s motto says, “Healthy Body, Happy Heart, Power Brain, I Can Do It!” Call PBTC to schedule a free trial class or body and brain check-up. PBTC also offers classes and workshops for adults, parents, and the whole family.