Teach Me At Home

Teach Me At Home 

Getting anxiety just thinking of this year’s Common Core Assessment results?

Worried as to whether your child will be prepared for the challenges ahead to achieve their goals?

Many parents would like to hire tutors to provide one-on-one individualized sessions to help their children achieve current goals and to properly position them for future endeavors. However in today’s economic downtrodden times this seems to be more of a pipe dream than a reality. 

Teach Me At Home Teach Me At Home Teach Me At Home

What we offer:

  • Individualized, interactive, one-on-one, live sessions
  • Online tutoring services conveniently offered in the comfort safety and convenience of home or at the location and time of the student’s choosing
  • New York Common Core Assessment Preparation
  • New York High School Regents Preparation
  • New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK) Preparation
  • New Jersey High School Proficiency Assessment (NJ HSPA) Preparation
  • Advanced Placement Preparation (AP Preparation)
  • Every Lesson is taped (for student review of the topic if they so choose)
  • Each student gets their own tutor and Study Island account (study island is an instructional and diagnostic tool that enables tutors to use US Standardized Curriculum Content to help students prepare for and master their State’s Educational Standards)
  • Each student has initial diagnostic testing from Study Island to reveal weaknesses in the student’s knowledge base, so tutors can give targeted lessons
  • Students assigned optional free follow up academic online exercises on Study Island to reinforce topics covered
  • Emailed progress reports to parents from tutors after each session
  • Affordable sessions at $20 an hour
  • Serving Pre Kindergarten - Grade 12
  • Parents or students can chose between pre-constructed targeted sessions where material from school is reinforced or topic related homework help
  • Grades 6-12 : Spanish 1-3 and French 1-3
  • Special 10% discount for Brooklyn Parent’s  Coupon Code: JO14NYMPW (Expires 10/31/14)