Kent Prep

Based upon a model of early immersion in academic and leadership training, Kent Prep provides classes, mock tests, and individualized consulting services that help students boost their confidence levels in and out of the classroom.


 Specializing in Gifted & Talented and NYC statewide test preparation, to specialized high school and SAT preparation, Kent’s enrichment programs work to help all students meet their full potentials all year round.

 Please call one of our counselors at 718.432.5757 for more information.


Summer does not mean learning should be put on hold! Kent Prep offers summer enrichment classes from July 6-Aug. 20 to help students in pre-K and older set forth confidently in the upcoming semester. With a developmentally appropriate curriculum led by age-specific instructors, Kent students receive the instruction and attention needed to excel. Please visit to schedule an appointment with a counselor for more information.