Swimming Lessons and Programs for Kids in Rockland County, NY

Swimming Lessons and Programs for Kids in Rockland County, NY


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UPDATED JULY 2014: This list of swimming program options for kids in the NYC suburbs covers Rockland County, including neibhrohoods such as West Nyack, Nanuet, Upper Saddle River, and New City. If you're looking for swimming lessons for kids in Southeast, NY, this list offers local options for swimming pools in the local Rockland area. 


Condors Swimming
Felix Festa Middle School Pool
30 Parrott Road, West Nyack
Email join@condorsswimming.com


Learn to swim from the best! We offer half-hour lessons with a low student: teacher ratio for Beginner through Pre-Competitive swimmers. The Condors have a place for swimmers of all skill levels, and are committed to providing the absolute best coaching available, including an Olympic Team and ASCA Hall of Fame Coach. Our competitive team includes Olympic Trial and several national event qualifiers. Condors operates out of Felix Festa Middle School pool. For year-round lessons and team try outs, please email or call for more details.

Fin 2 Swim
White Plains, NY
Emerson, NJ
Email SwimBabies@gmail.com


Can your child swim? I mean, REALLY swim? Has she had lessons for several summers but still won't put her head under water? Or, does he run and jump in without knowing how to save himself? Let us help you! One-on-one private lessons will have your child swimming independently from one side of the pool to the other in about six weeks. Don't miss this limited opportunity! Bergen, Rockland, and Westchester lessons, from mid-June through July, and Hamptons August 4-22. Call now to reserve your time slot.

Frost Valley YMCA
2000 Frost Valley Road, Claryville


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