Brain Balance Achievement Center of Allendale

It isn't easy to be hopeful when your child is afflicted with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism/Asperger's, Tourette's, a Learning Disability, OCD or Processing Disorder, however the Brain Balance Program offers children and families real solutions. We have helped hundreds of children become more focused, improve academic performance, and enhance their communication and social skills.

We are brain-based, not drug based.
We subscribe to the theory that the brain can be changed—something once thought impossible. That means your child’s problems aren’t permanent, and the situation isn’t hopeless.

We recognize that many childhood disorders are actually manifestations of a single underlying condition.
Called Functional Disconnection—an imbalance in the connections and function between and within the hemispheres (sides) of your child’s brain—this condition is responsible for a host of behavioral, academic, and social difficulties.

We measure and improve your child’s brain and body function on numerous dimensions.
To gain a full understanding of your child’s difficulties we first conduct a comprehensive assessment of all areas of their brain and body function. Then, by integrating physical and cognitive exercises with dietary change, we are able to correct the underlying imbalance, improve function and reduce/eliminate negative behaviors.

We create a program tailored precisely to your child’s needs.
Once we understand the uniqueness and severity of your child’s challenges, we then custom design physical and cognitive activity plans and easy-to-follow dietary guidelines to establish proper connections and improve rhythm and timing. This multi-faceted approach helps your child achieve optimum body and brain function.

We support your family.
We offer an encouraging environment where your child can develop while giving you continual real-time feedback, expert consultation, and assistance.