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Hesselbirg's Taekwondo and Karate for Kids

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Hesselbirg’s Taekwondo and Karate for Kids (Bully Prevention Specialists and Helping Kids with ADHD )

We are a family owned and operated Professional Martial Arts School.  Our school is accredited by the American Taekwondo Association, (ATA) one of the world’s largest martial arts organization. We are an Advocate of the President's Challenge, as well as a Certified Bully Prevention Specialist. As a member of the ATA you have access to a network of over 1300 schools throughout the United States, Canada, Central and South America, as well as other countries worldwide.

Hesselbirg’s Taekwondo is dedicated to providing the best quality martial arts programs, through our Nationally Certified Instructional Staff. Our curriculum is designed to help each member achieve Black Belt Excellence, through Goal Setting, Life Skills and Positive Role Models. We provide a safe, fun and positive learning environment for students ages 3 ½ to adults, and of all fitness levels.

Do kids who become Black Belts through ATA Martial Arts get bullied *less* than beginners or kids who don't train at all? The answer is yes, Master Greg Moody, 6th Degree Black Belt, found while working on his Ph.D. last summer: the majority of martial arts students gradually develop traits and skills that reduce susceptibility to bullying. That is GREAT NEWS for kids and parents alike, but clearly much work remains to eradicate bullying behavior which ultimately harms us all. 

How Does Karate Help Kids With ADHD?


Exercise as Medication

Harvard University's John Ratey wrote several books on ADHD. He says, "Think of exercise as medication." For some, he says, exercise may eliminate the need for medication altogether. Exercise turns on "the attention system" as he calls it, requiring that children focus and pay attention. He names Tae Kwon Do as one of the exercises good for kids with ADHD since it requires you to pay close attention to body movements. All Martial Arts have this requirement and some of the key benefits are increased discipline, focus and perseverance. Children learn to do what they have to do no matter how hard it is, pay attention to the task at hand and not to give up. Behavior changes occur over a period of time with consistent work.

Many children with ADHD suffer from low self-esteem and Martial Arts should help with their confidence. A good Martial Arts program emphasizes goal setting with all their students and your child's first goal may be as simple as learning to focus only on the instructor. With this repeated effort you will be amazed at the results.

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