Mathnasium of Lake Grove

Mathnasium is a learning center where students can go after school and during the summer to boost their math skills. Our program is for students in K through 12th grade.  Mathnasium's approach is to determine what a student knows and does not know, then tailor a personalized learning program. The goal is to significantly increase a child's math skills, understanding of math concepts, and overall school performance, while building confidence and positive attitude toward the subject. 

 Math is a challenging subject to teach to large groups of students since people think and work at different paces.  Mathnasium allows students to work at their own pace with individualized help.  Mathnasium provides both instruction and practice - all in a welcoming, comfortable environment. 

A strong background in math is essential to be competitive in the global marketplace.  Unfortunately, US 15year olds score near the bottom in worldwide rankings of math proficiency in industrialized countries.  This is bad news for long-term economic growth.  It has led US employers to hire foreign labor for high tech jobs

The Los Angeles based company began because co-founder Peter Markovitz was desperate to find quality math tutoring for his son.  Mathnasium was founded out of a passion for finding a better technique.  It is important for children to develop math proficiency early. The goal is to create a comprehensive understanding of math, rather than having students just memorize how to do equations.

Kids don't hate math, they hate being confused and intimidated by math.  Mathnasium Learning Centers offer educational programs in an attractive and supportive setting for children to develop much-needed math skills and build confidence in their abilities.  Developed over 30 years of hands-on experience with thousands of children, the Mathnasium educational method is designed for children of all ages and skill levels.  Mathnasium can be reached at (631) 619-6949 and

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Mathnasium is a learning center where students come to catch up, keep up, and get ahead in math. Our program is aimed at developing a strong number sense and confidence in math. We build a custom learning plan for students. The Mathnasium Method was developed with 30 years of hands-on instruction. Kids don’t hate math, they hate being confused and intimidated by math. Mathnasium offers year round educational programs in an attractive and supportive setting.