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Village East Gifted  Grades 3-4 Singing the ASAP Periodic Table Song

Village East Gifted

Program Philosophy

Village East Gifted, with locations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, offers an enrichment program designed for those students who yearn for more challenging and creative enrichment experiences outside the classroom.

Our program provides gifted students with a place to go where they can be themselves. The dynamics of each age grouping establishes the pace, teaching approach and scope of classroom lessons and cooperative projects. Our students learn about the world around them from their perspective, at their pace and in as much depth as their minds determine.

Our Classes

Village East Gifted holds enrichment classes after-school, evenings, over school vacations, weekends and throughout the summer. There are two semesters per academic year and a summer program offering enrichment topics and special courses. The school year sessions begin in September and end in June. The summer program runs from June through September. All age groupings (classes) run for two hours once a week. Class-size and schedule permitting, one class per semester can be "made up" by attending another same age grouping during the same session.

After-School Enrichment Program


Village East Gifted implements a challenging, writing-based, continuous, after-school enrichment curriculum for gifted and talented students ages 4-21.  Students are taught the "Rites of Writing" subliminally covering over 175 rules of proper grammar (punctuation, accurate word usage, morphology, orthography, syntax, spelling), idea sequencing and comprehensive editing techniques. These skills are continuously integrated into the other subject areas covered during class. Our teachers find ways of "unraveling"" the gifted students' innovative ideas, concepts and newly-learned facts into coherent and sequential written reports, oral presentations, reflective essays, news articles and short stories.

Our core curriculum covers the following subject areas:

practical mathematics, business, Latin, SAT vocabulary, writing, public speaking, active listening, life sciences, social studies, advanced geography, anatomy /physiology, global studies, American sign language, philosophy, cooperative decision-making, problem-solving and computer research.

Gifted Kindergarten

Phillips RBM Approach®("Reawakening Brilliant Minds")

Village East Gifted Student Age 5 Singing the ASAP Periodic Table Song 

Our Educational Philosophy

Without equivocation, VEG is a place where individuality "trumps" normalcy celebrating the differences of its students and their unique ways of thinking. Continuously, the gifted participants enhance, direct or redirect every curriculum implemented.

"VEG "teaches up", not "down" to the level of its young scholars. Students never learn what they already know or encounter the same curriculum twice. Expectations are high and the paths of learning winding. If a student doesn't understand a word or concept used or introduced by a teacher or another student, it is his/her responsibility to ask for clarification. Every day, VEG students laugh out loud, ask questions they cannot answer, and often are heard whispering, with a smile, "This is really hard". The students' and teachers' response is always the same; "Welcome to Village East Gifted®!."


Gifted Participant Eligibility

All gifted and talented children in grades N -6 are eligible. A minimum IQ score of 130 (OLSAT, Stanford-Binet or Wechsler IQ Tests) is required as well as proof of testing in the 90% percentile or higher on state and/or national standardized tests. Young students without test scores that show signs of giftedness must schedule a curriculum assessment to determine academic competency and critical thinking capabilities.


Age Groupings

The participants of Village East gifted for gifted and talented youth are carefully selected and placed in an age grouping based on their chronological age, academic competency, personality traits, emotional maturity and social manner. The scholastic /cognitive levels of all groupings are at least 2-3 years higher than the NYS standards for that age range. The age groupings are: Grades N-K, Grades 1-2 Grades 3-4 and Grades 5-6.

Our rigorous academic program is designed for brilliant students, ages 4 to 18, who yearn for more challenging and creative learning experiences outside the classroom. Classes are offered during the day (VEG Gifted Kindergarten), after school, on weekends and over the summer. Our participants evolve into “intellectually satisfied'” young scholars knowing that all their questions have been answered, subliminally instilling a renewed faith in intellectual challenge. Our trademarked, writing-based lessons constantly change, offering advanced subject areas while close attention is paid to the perfection of grammar, organizational skills and research strategies.

Meet the Director

Tobi J. Phillips, Ed.D. (Cert.) is the founder and director of Village East Gifted, Inc., an after-school enrichment program for gifted and talented students ages 4-18. The teachers utilize Ms. Phillips' trademarked RBM teaching approach to actively engage its gifted students in advanced studies in all academic subjects. Since its inception in 2007, more than 300 students have enrolled in its programs with locations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Classes are offered seven days a week. A Gifted Kindergarten is open to qualified preschoolers and kindergartners.

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