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Helping Children Smile Through Life
Dr. Renuka Bijoor provides comprehensive pediatric dentistry, our mission is to provide the highest level of oral care possible for your child, using evidence-based dentistry and state-of-the-art current technology to facilitate the use of the most effective and gentlest techniques to ensure the healthy smile of your child!

Turbo Laser
Pioneering the use of the Turbo Laser (Waterlase, Biolase) for pediatric dental care in Westchester, Putnam, Rockland and Dutchess counties.  Laser dentistry is an amazing way to provide hard and soft tissue care and has become incredibly easy to provide quality dental care and attend to children’s cavities in a much gentler, efficacious and much less traumatic fashion.

No numbness of the lip or tongue or cheek.  No uncomfortable vibrations or high-pitched sounds of the drill! 

Additionally, laser technology has helped sort out the frustration of new mothers because it can be used to release a tongue-tie or a lip-tie or both, even in a newborn in a matter of minutes.  Safely allowing newborns, infants, and children to benefit from the advantages of breastfeeding.

Pediatric Dentistry
Gentle pediatric dentistry and starts with prevention and early intervention putting your child on the road to excellent dental health for the rest of their life. We strive to create a positive dental experience to keep our young patients excited about taking care of their teeth. Our dental services include:

  • Preventive cleanings and checkups
  • Laser dentistry - Avoid Drilling, Avoid Shots
  • Interventional Orthodontics
  • Sealants
  • Zoom!® whitening
  • Bonding
  • Digital X-ray

Hospital Dentistry
We are also experts is hospital dentistry (for special cases) eliminating multiple, long and uncomfortable sessions of trying to provide extensive dental care to a very young and scared child. 

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Call our office to come visit and see how we are revolutionizing dental care, especially in children! Do remember to ask for a free consultation.


The most amazing laser technology in our office has changed the way your children receive dental care. No more shots! No prolonged, high-pitched sounds and vibrations of the drill! Cavities can now be treated with such ease in no time. Treating tongue-ties and lip-ties with the laser have helped many moms who have difficulty with breastfeeding. We now have extended hours and accept most major insurances. Please call for a free consult.

Meet the Health Care Professional

Dr. Renuka Bijoor is a board-certified pediatric dentist who believes in "helping children smile through life." A graduate of Columbia College of Dental Medicine, she currently teaches there on a part-time basis. She is also affiliated with Phelps Memorial Hospital in Sleepy Hollow, NY, where she provides hospital dentistry to young children and children with special needs. Briarcliff Pediatric Dentistry offers gentle, comprehensive dental care and orthodontics in their state-of-the-art offices for children from birth to 22 years of age, and any patient with special needs.

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