Center for Literacy Enrichment at Pace University (The)


Individual and Small Group Tutoring in English and Math - Offered After School and on Saturdays

Students at the Center for Literacy Enrichment are evaluated, and programs are designed to meet their individual needs. Instruction to improve reading and writing skills, and now math skills, is provided in small groups or in private sessions. Tutors are available for students from elementary to high school - both U.S. and foreign-born. The program emphasizes a skills-based approach with an emphasis on literature or math. Parents will be delighted with the achievement of their sons and daughters in reading, writing and mathematical skills and understanding. We take a practical approach to literacy and math education, as students become familiar with every day general expressions as well as the specific kinds of communication needed to carry out their day-to-day living and work.

The Canning Program for 4- and 5-Year-Olds

The Canning Program is offered to students ages 4 and 5, and is dedicated to preparing your child to enter into Kindergarten. We believe that literacy is the foundation a child needs in order to be successful in all aspects of school. A balance between play, music, and academics, the program offers a curriculum that both challenges and excites students.


Summer Program for Students Ages 5 - 12th Grade

Every July, the Center for Literacy Enrichment hosts a summer literacy camp. The program is four days per week, Monday through Thursday. Parents have the option of a half day or a full day. Students are divided into small groups based upon their grade. Children in each group work on individual and team projects, based on a central theme, which is presented by the children at the end of the four weeks.

The daily schedule is as follows:
9-10:30am - Work on skills, including decoding, fluency, comprehension, and writing, using literature
10:30am - Break- Each child brings their own snack
10:50am - Reconvene to work on project based on the central theme
12pm - Morning session ends
12pm - 1pm- Lunch Break - Each child brings his own lunch
1-3pm - Physical activity including basketball, soccer; water activities, arts & crafts; literacy games, and more

Essay Writing Workshops

These week-long tutorials are for middle and high school students to help them better understand the fundamentals of writing an essay. They learn to craft an essay with confidence and clarity. The programs run at various times throughout the year. Join us each morning and we will teach your child this essential skill. The benefits will last a lifetime. Class size is limited.

The Center for Literacy Enrichment offers tutoring in math, reading, and writing to children ages 5 through eighth grade. Three programs are offered during the year: a Monday-Friday morning program for 5-year-olds; an after-school program for elementary and middle school students every day after school and on Saturday morning; and a summer program during the month of July from 9am-3pm for elementary and middle school students.

Meet the Director

For more than 40 years as the director of the Center for Literacy Enrichment at Pace University, it has been my goal to encourage children to enjoy literature and become more competent readers and writers. At the center, we believe that reading and writing go hand in hand. Literacy is the foundation for every discipline. Therefore, we help children improve these skills through multiple methods. We offer a variety of programs to meet these needs, including tutoring, summer literacy camp, workshops, and a February break program.