Hickey Door Specialists, INC

Let us help you feel safer:

Your home and business are precious to you and even more so are the people and belongings inside – let us help you protect them.

Make sure your building is compliant and up to code with appropriate fire doors:

If you own or manage a commercial property, it is critical that you equip and maintain it in a way that is compliant with local regulations. One of these regulations is ensuring the building has appropriate fire doors.
Let us help you get your building up to code and protect everyone and everything inside.

Let us install doors that can stand up to your daily needs:

Properly installed and maintained swing doors are fantastic choice for your commercial space. They provide ease-of-use and convenience for those entering and moving throughout the building.

How does your back door perform when under pressure?

You may like to think that the back door of your business is only used to take out trash and provide unobtrusive entrance for those who work in the building. The reality is that if someone is planning on breaking in – the back door is most likely where they will go first.

Increase the security of your business by replacing an aluminum door or frame, or one that has seen better days, with a stronger option that will stand up against potential threats.

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