Kids R Cookin

Imagine coming home to a dinner your kids cooked. Enroll your child today and you won't be imagining, you'll be enjoying!
Your aspiring chef will learn age appropriate basics of food & kitchen safety, utensil use and cooking techniques. We'll prepare breakfasts,
lunches, dinners, snacks and
international dishes, with an emphasis
placed on healthy eating.
Planning the most fun child's birthday party ever?
Kids 'r' Cookin' can help!
Children often judge food initially based on their appearance. That's why Kids 'r' Cookin' can show 'em how to make their
dishes enticing, even sometimes cartoony! Plus, as we teach
them to prepare recipes you will love, we focus on their enjoyment as well. After all, they are the chefs! So whether it's Pizza, Mac 'n' Cheese, Quesadillas with Homemade Salsa or even Dirt Pudding, Kids 'r' Cookin' is there to help your kids make them fun...and tasty!
Cooking Classes:
  • Do you have a picky eater? Join our classes and you might find if they cook it...they may eat it! Your young chef will be excited to re-create what they learned home! It's all about making their own creations!
  • Parent/Child Classes: 2-year olds and up - You'll see the delight in your child's eyes as you prepare something different each week together! In our friendly class setting, we'll make anything from breakfast through dinner, desserts and snacks. We focus on "healthy", keep it simple and have a lot of fun in the process.
  • "Chefs-To-Be": 4-year olds and up - Age appropriate, and requiring a bit more responsibility, our younger students will prepare some simple delicious recipes they'll be glad to re-create at home with the help of an adult. Our older students will also learn food prep such as basic cooking and utensil techniques, as well as food safety.
Enrichment Programs After school, pre-school, camps, etc. -- from a single day -- to weekly programs, children learn patience, cooperation, following directions and gain confidence. (Hint: cooking can help improve reading and math skills, too!)

After School Programs
Does your school offer after school programs? We'd love to be inculded! The students and parents love them so much they often want to know "what's for dinner"?

We offer a themed class or two, e.g. healthful recipes of the continents, countries of the olympics, even recipes of the states. Examples include Lasagna (Italy), Spanakopita (Greece), Tapas (Spain), Won Ton Soup (China), Mexican Meat Pie, Apple Dumplings from Washington State, just to name a few.

Plus, we often change our theme from session to session, even season to season!

Now in our 9th year, we've been helping parents and their aspiring chefs (ages 3 and up) plan memorable and fun parties in Westchester and Fairfield. You and your chef choose recipes, decorate aprons and more. We can accommodate special requests. We'll take the worry out of planning your child’s party. We are happy to come to you. We also offer fun, healthy classes, summer programs and enrichment programs for afterschool clubs, pre-schools, playgroups or any children's event.