Make your child's birthday party or event special and unforgettable with a show of singing, dancing, giggles and wiggles with Matty Roxx Music & Entertainment. With Matty Roxx you will get a high energy, interactive, musical celebration that includes a rockin' guitar sing-a-long, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, musical games, dancing, movement, props, musical instruments and MORE!

Party packages are available from a simple musical birthday celebration to a full themed party package. All Matty Roxx parties are led by Matty Roxx himself, an experienced, certified educator who decided that there should be a way for kids to hear and interact with live, modern, cool kids' music.

As a parent of two wonderful children, he felt that the local music classes he was attending with his kids left much to be desired. He decided to create something fresh, new and exciting. A Matty Roxx performance is not just an event - it's an experience for kids and grownups to share together!

Basic Birthday Party Package
Make your child's birthday party special and unforgettable with a show of singing, dancing, giggles and wiggles with Matty Roxx.  This package includes the following:

  • 45 Minute Musical Performance
  • Interactive Audience Participation
  • Scarves, Shakers and Instruments
  • Bubble Machine
  • Matty Roxx egg shakers (15)
  • Special Gift For The Birthday Child

Special Events
Are you part of a mom's group? Celebrating with friends or family?  Want to make your next family reunion or holiday party extra fun for the kids?  Matty Roxx can help you make that happen!  Matty Roxx Music & Entertainment is available for special events throughout the year.

Guitar Lessons
Q-What type of lessons do you offer?
Matty offers private & group guitar lessons.  Students of all levels are encouraged to take lessons.
Q-How much do private lessons cost?
Prices vary depending on skill level and lesson duration.  Please contact Matty for specific pricing details.  
Q-Do I have to pay for lessons ahead of time?
We understand that students need flexibility.  We don't ask you to pay up front for a certain amount of lessons, however if you miss two lesson with less then a week's notice we will have to reassess this policy.  
Q-Where are the lessons held?
Lessons can be held in your home or in a mutually agreed upon location.
Q-What can I expect to learn?
Students who are just beginning with learn basics such as:

  • Open chords
  • Strumming patterns
  • To play simple songs

Intermediate students can focus on topics such as:

  • Improvisation using pentatonic scales
  • Bar chords
  • Picking technique

Advances students may focus on topics such as:

  • Music of specific artists
  • Learning to play a particular style

Early Childhood Music Classes
Want your child to become more musical?
Matty Roxx offers music class opportunities  at various community centers, organizations, as well as private parent-and-me-groups.  A matty Roxx class teaches age appropriate skills of listening, speaking, singing and  expressing language , as well as rhythm, tone, counting and colors.  Your child will experience music while actively participating, taking turns and playing various musical instruments.  Contact Matty to find out about a music class near you!


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