Westfield Day School

The Westfield Day School offers a warm and welcoming therapeutic-educational experience for students who are having trouble coping with conventional school systems. Our environment is a rare blend of low stress and high productivity. We focus on helping students grow emotionally, socially and academically. In addition to learning in small, customized classes, students benefit from regular individual and group therapy sessions. We promote a sense of community, peace and rejuvenation. Year-round enrollment for grades 7-12.

Since 2000, The Westfield Day School is a therapeutic school for grades 6 to 12. The school is designed to help students overcome academic and emotional issues. The academic program at Westfield is unique in its ability to link emotional and learning support for its students. The recently added college-level courses offer students the ability to ease into college studies by taking a few courses in a supportive environment with very small classes.