16-year-old Influencer Carrie Berk Writes Celebrity 'Girls Against Bullying' PSA Video

16-year-old Influencer Carrie Berk Writes Celebrity 'Girls Against Bullying' PSA Video

This PSA encourages kids to practice empathy as part of The Kind Coalition's mission to record 100,000 acts of kindness in 2019 (#100KChooseKind).

16-year-old bestselling author, playwright, and influencer Carrie Berk created a PSA in partnership with The Kind Coalition in support of No Bully's efforts to teach kids to practice empathy and to become positive forces in the world to stop bullying. The video contributes to The Kind Coalition's efforts to record 100,000 acts of kindness in 2019.

“It’s hard to believe that someone smart, successful, beautiful, kind or strong could be bullied. But bullying is rampant, especially among girls," states the new public service video released this month.

“I wanted to bring awareness to how cruel girls can be towards each other, not just in school or the dance studio or in the cafeteria, but over social media as well,” says Carrie, who also serves as a teen ambassador for No Bully and narrates the video. “I’ve experienced it first hand—all of us participating in this video have. And I believe it has to stop now. We owe it to ourselves as women to support each other."

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The video was produced and directed by Kids of the Arts founder Laura Luc and features several teen celebrities who are lending their voices and influence to the project. They include 16-year-old Tony winner award-winning actress Oona Laurence, best known for her performance in Broadway’s Matilda and her film roles in The Beguiled, Pete’s Dragon, and Bad Moms; 16-year-old Hereditary star Milly Shapiro; 16-year-old Orange is the New Black star Donshea Hopkins; 19-year-old Project Runway Junior designer/activist Hawwaa Ibrahim; and Broadway actress Nerghiz Sarki.

A group of 25 additional girls joined in for the empowering message: “We are the future. The voices of change. We can and we will make a difference in the world.”