31 Cool and Creepy Halloween Crafts for Kids

31 Cool and Creepy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Get into the Halloween spirit with these fun Halloween crafts for kids, many of which can be created from materials you have laying around the house. These cool and creepy DIY projects also make great Halloween decorations for your home.


Halloween is on its way, and one of the best parts is adorning the house with spooky, ghoulish decorations.

Donna Finley, a parent of two young boys in Seattle, enjoys throwing Halloween parties for the neighborhood kids, and her own boys love to pitch in with the decorating. She says the easiest crafts for them to make are those that involve materials from around the house -- like paper plates and empty soda bottles -- and they often turn out the best!

Here are 31 Halloween decorations to get you started. They're great for parents, nannies, or babysitters to do with kids.


1. Bottle Bats

bottle bat for halloween

Can't figure out what to do with all those empty soda bottles lying around? Transform them into bottle bats!


2. Mini Vampire Pumpkins

vampire pumpkin

Transform a cute, innocent baby pumpkin into a scary, terrifying Dracula!


3. Brains in a Jar Cupcakes

brains in a jar

This cooking craft definitely has the "ew" factor, but kids will love creating their own edible brains-in-a-jar!


4. Spirit Jugs

ghosts made from milk jugs

Here's another recycled craft, this time using empty milk jugs. Line the walkway to your house with these jugs to welcome enthusiastic trick-or-treaters in style.


5. Googly Eyes Halloween Wreath

googly eyes halloween wreath

Decorate your door with this eye-catching wreath.


6. Bubbling Cauldron

bubbling cauldron

Please your inner witch -- or warlock -- with an overflowing cauldron. Add fake bugs and spiders for extra ick!


7. Trash Bag Spiderweb

black spiderweb decoration

Turn a boring old garbage bag into an eye-catching spiderweb.


8. Floating Ghost

floating ghost decoration

Welcome trick-or-treaters with this spooky decoration.


9. Glowing Eyes Wall Art

glow in the dark eyeballs

These creepy eyeballs are easy to make from a few stones and glow-in-the-dark paint.


10. Candy Corn Cones

candy corn cone decorations

Wrap yarn around foam cones to decorate with your favorite Halloween treat.


11. Halloween Banner

halloween banner

Make a banner out of your favorite Halloween characters.


12. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

halloween witch decoration for porch

Fans of the Wizard of Oz will appreciate this porch decoration.


13. Halloween Wreath

halloween wreath

This is a creepy, feathery, skull-y wreath that it perfect for your Halloween door. It may scare away some trick-or-treaters, but that means more candy for you!


14. Tissue Paper Pumpkins

tissue paper pumpkin

All you need is tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and scissors for this easy craft. They're great for placeholders or just to have around the house.


15. Jack-o'-lantern Mosaic

jack o lantern mosaic craft

This is a great craft activity for kids to make at a Halloween party or in the days leading up to Halloween. Rip up pieces of tissue paper to create a monster-sized mosaic.


16. Plastic Lid Monsters

plastic lid monsters craft

Get rid of those plastic lids from juice or milk cartons to make these creepy creatures.


17. Cinderella Pumpkin

cinderella pumpkin craft

This craft is meant for older children, and may require a bit of help from an adult. But once it's completed, this pumpkin coach will have any Cinderella-lover rushing to find a glass slipper.


18. Sandpaper Pumpkins

sandpaper pumpkin

This simple craft can be made using any kind of paper, but the texture of the sandpaper makes it fun especially for kids with visual disabilities.


19. Pumpkin Jars

pumpkin jars

Coat the inside of an empty jar with orange acrylic paint, create a spooky jack-o'-lantern face and you'll have the perfect decoration or candy jar for Halloween.


20. Egg Carton Bats and Leaf Ghosts

egg carton bat decoration

Hang these cute bats and ghosts from chandeliers, lights, and other high areas in your home.


21. Frankenstein Can Craft

frankenstein can craft

Turn a can into the monster from Frankenstein -- then fill it with Halloween candies for the trick-or-treaters, Halloween party attendees, or just you and your kids!


22. Mummy Pumpkin

mummy pumpkin

Cover a plastic pumpkin in cheesecloth for a creepy decoration.


23. Paper Cup Spiders

 paper cup spiders craft

Got lots of those plastic or paper cups in your pantry? Reuse them to create these cute spider crafts that your kids will love to decorate.


24. Monogram Pumpkin

monogram pumpkin

Personalize a pumpkin with this easy monogram.


25. Chalkboard Stones

halloween stones craft

Draw fun Halloween shapes and phrases on plain rocks with this simple craft.


26. Paper Bag Haunted House

paper haunted house craft

No Halloween is complete without a haunted house. Here's an easy way for kids to create one.


27. Halloween Candles

halloween candles

Line your table or windows with these decorated glass candleholders.


28. Halloween Hands

popcorn hand

This is a classic edible Halloween craft, made with popcorn and candy corn.


29. Bean Mosaics

halloween bean mosaics

Keep little hands busy with these easy-to-make pumpkins, bats and ghouls. Create a bunch and decorate your entire house with these fun creations!


30. Window Trees

halloween trees craft

Hang these cardboard cutouts in your window for a true haunted house effect.


31. Pumpkin Bowling

pumpkin bowling

All you need is a pumpkin and some toilet paper for this ghoulish party game!


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