Macy's Flower Show Set to Open Soon

Macy's Flower Show Set to Open Soon

Celebrate spring by attending the store's beloved flower spectacular.

The 44th Annual Macy’s Flower Show at Herald Square will open the first chapter of spring with Once Upon a Springtime. The annual floral spectacular will begin Sunday, March 25 and continue through Sunday, April 8.

 The show, which has run for more than 70 years, will have over-the-top presentations of lavish gardens featuring live flowers, plants, and trees from around the globe. Many of these beautiful flowers will take root in unexpected settings throughout the store such as countertops, windows, and specially designed architecture, including grand bridges, columns, and topiaries. At each of the department store chain’s three flagship locations nationwide, the Macy’s Flower Show will be staged in distinct fashion.

This year’s themed celebration will feature original twists on classic fairytales, creating a world of personified flora and fauna, princesses, evil queens, fairy godmothers, and noble knights that lead to a wondrous journey.

Based on how visitors enter the show, they will be able to choose their own adventure through the floral fantasy land. Guests will see a towering castle where the Princess resides, plus a meadow of brightly colored flowers, an enchanted forest, and lush lagoon.

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During the first two weeks that the show is in full bloom, spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy a host of special in-store events including floral, food, and fashion demonstrations, celebrity appearances, and more.

No matter when they visit, Flower Show spectators will be treated to a variety of different displays, including: Spring’s Castle Garden, The Knight’s Quarters, The Fair Godmother’s Cottage Garden, Ellia by Homedics Mystical Garden, The Meadows Bridge, and more. There will also be a dungeon (decorated in dark and mysterious orchids, cacti, and other plants) and an ice throne (with white alazeas, blue hydrangeas, and other cool-toned blooms) where you can take great photos.

Free to the public, Macy’s Flower Show will be open during regular store hours. For more information about these events visit or contact the Macy’s Flower Show Hotline at (212) 494-4495

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