Entrepreneurship Program Opens Location in Lower Manhattan

8andUp is a group of business professionals who are committed to teaching children about entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship classes offered for kids teach children about building businesses and web coding.

girl showing invention

Phoebe presents her "Record-a-Clock" on demo day with Coach Reuben.

On Sept. 28, 8andUp, a group of business professionals committed to teaching entrepreneurship to children during once a week programs, opened its third New York location at the Green Ivy School on Pine Street in Lower Manhattan. The group will also begin providing its new course, Creative Coding, an introduction to computer coding, which provides children with the essential knowledge needed to create a website as a final project. Creative Coding will be offered at 8andUp’s Midtown and Lower Manhattan locations starting Sept. 28.

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The 8andUp programs share the same steps as adult entrepreneur classes. “Our mission is to teach entrepreneurship to kids in order to improve and change the way they learn and to change their minds about their potential,” says Reuben Steiger, founder and CEO of 8andUp. “This group focuses on one idea: the entrepreneur creates the future by asking ‘what if?’”

Eighteen spots are available for children ages 8-11 for each class session, with two spots reserved for scholarship students. 8andUp offers three different courses including Creative Code, Super Powers, a team-based entrepreneurship course, and What If…?, an introduction to entrepreneurship.

Each six-week course costs $359, plus a $50 idea budget. This budget is required to buy recyclable materials that the children use to create finished products, which are available for purchase at the end of the course.

Registration is now open for all New York locations.