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9 Ways to Let Your Nanny Know You Appreciate Her

9 Ways to Let Your Nanny Know You Appreciate Her

Your nanny works hard to keep your family running smoothly. Here are some ideas for showing her your appreciation.

Chances are you couldn't live without your nanny–she makes life as you know it possible for your whole family. But in the rush of day-to-day life–between work, school, doctors' appointments, getting dinner on the table, and more–it can be easy to forget just how essential your nanny is to your life. We came up with nine ways to show her your appreciation.

  • Give her a surprise day off.
  • Have the children make her a special gift.
  • Invite her to share dinner with your family—either at home or at a restaurant.
  • Give her an unexpected bonus.
  • Treat her to a mani-pedi or a full spa day.
  • Offer help with an aspect of her life you sense she’s struggling with.
  • Get her a gift, small or large.
  • Write her a heartfelt card.
  • Just say “thank you.”

It’s easy to get lost in your routine and forget how much of an impact your nanny has on your life. If you take the time to recognize her worth, everyone will be happier for it.

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