On The Blogroll: A Mommy in the City

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Blogging from: Manhattan

Lauren Jimeson is a New York City transplant, hailing originally from Florida. Now the mother of two girls, Lauren started A Mommy in the City shortly after moving to Manhattan. She was inspired by a conversation with her new dry cleaner—he asked where her daughter was as Lauren usually had her with her. This comment helped Lauren realize she was a part of a neighborhood, not just a five-borough city. At first she used her blog as a way to keep her family and friends updated on her city life, but eventually Lauren began blogging as a job and became a full-fledged part of the New York City mom blog community.

Lauren shares personal stories, funny anecdotes and her take on New York City from a self-described suburban mentality. It is a far cry from the South, where Lauren grew up, and she is determined to take it all in while she can. She gives her readers a true glimpse into her everyday adventures with her daughters, exploring and taking in everything their new home has to offer. Lauren shares her ups and downs, favorites, discoveries and everything in between, so follow her as she continues to explore her newest home. — Laura Brothers