Tutors, Test Prep, and Academic Enrichment Programs for Kids in Manhattan

Tutors, Test Prep, and Academic Enrichment Programs for Kids in Manhattan

Give your child the academic boost they need at one of these NYC tutors.

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UPDATED December 2019: Children who are struggling in school can lose the motivation to try in specific subject areas. Sometimes children who are doing fine in school want a little extra learning to get ahead in a subject, while other children just need help preparing for the SAT, ACT, Regents, or state exams. If your child falls into one of these categories, a tutoring program, academic enrichment program, or test prep program in Manhattan could be just right for you. So consult our comprehensive list of tutors, academic enrichment programs, and test prep centers in Manhattan to find the perfect program for your child. These services are located on the Upper East Side, Midtown, Battery Park City, Chelsea, Midtown, Harlem, Gramercy, and Upper West Side, as well as tutors in Queens.

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Cosmic Cubs apps are fun and engaging while teaching children 3 and older about the solar system and the 3 Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Download Cosmic Cubs apps including Planet Puzzles, 3 Rs Puzzles, Rockitect, and Storymaker. Download Cosmic Cubs apps at the App store, Google Play, and Amazon.

East Village
437 E. 12th St.
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104 Reade St.
212-346-PREP (7737)
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Upper East Side
307 E. 84th St.
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Eye Level offers math and English programs for ages 3-14. Whether the immediate goal is for early learning, remedial education, or academic education, Eye Level is the answer.

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Gooroo offers in-person tutoring in your neighborhood! Our tutoring membership matches students to tutors based on their unique learning needs. Members have access to experts in more than 300 subjects. Gooroo provides continuous feedback, progress reports, and a designated Personal Learning Consultant to guide students through their learning journey.

1556 Third Ave., suite 209, Upper East Side, New York

Huntington Learning Center is the premier tutoring and test prep provider for kindergarten students through 12th grade. Founded in 1977, its mission is to give every student the best education possible. The company prides itself on personalized attention and proven results with individualized programs taught by certified teachers at accredited centers.

333 E. 79th St , New York

Your childs academic success is our highest priority! Comprehensive tutoring services for students of all ages and grade levels. With our experience and personalized approach, students are given the tools they need to excel. Offering private and group tutoring, homework help, special needs, and state test preparation.

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