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Support 'Autistic Like Me: A Father's Perspective': Read, Donate, Engage

'Autistic Like Me: A Father’s Perspective' is a feature documentary film directed by Charles Jones, chronicling the journey of five fathers whose children have all been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The film has spurred an important outreach campaign, and we are asking you to help make it a reality. Find out how you can donate, read a full transcript of our exclusive interview, and check out the NYC event happening in late April.

Exclusive Interview with 'Autistic Like Me': Read the full transcript

We sat down in our office with Jones and Merkerson to learn more about their perspective as fathers, but it became clear very quickly that their experiences, and this film, will speak to all parents.

Both men spoke honestly about many topics including their initial feelings, how they relate to their children, what they wish other parents knew, the impact the diagnoses had on their marriages, and their deep love for their children. Whether you caught the excerpt in our April issue or not, you'll want to read the full interview.

Support 'Autistic Like Me': Donate

The film is currently in post-production, with director/filmmaker Charles Jones and his team looking toward the next step. That step is the ALM Outreach Campaign, an initiative to raise awareness about autism and the special role of fathers of children with autism.

We want to help Jones and his crew raise $5,000 by June 1 to go toward the ALM Outreach Campaign. Visit our IndieGoGo page to donate and receive some special perks as a thank you from us!

Attend the ALM Outreach Campaign Pilot Forum in NYC

On Wednesday, April 25, ALM Campaign will host their pilot outreach event, featuring a screening of a special cut of the film and the chance to meet some of the men featured in the documentary.

Following the screening is a panel that includes the film's director, Charles Jones, clinical psychologist, Dr. Robert Naseef, and several of the father's in the film.

Registration required, For more information, visit our calendar.

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