Best Playgrounds in Fairfield County, CT


From twisty slides to pedal-powered carousels, kids love to jump, climb, swing, and slide. Why not venture beyond your family's go-to park for a change of pace? We've zeroed in on some of the best playgrounds for families in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

best playgrounds in fairfield county, ct


Twin Meadows Boundless Playground

Stillmeadow School, 800 Stillwater Road, Stamford, CT

When Frank and Lori Mercede had difficulties finding a playground where their twin daughters, Nicola and Jacki, who as a result of trauma at birth suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy, could play together, they decided to build a boundless playground. The idea came to them after reading about another boundless playground in West Hartford. At Twin Meadows, there is something for every child. High back and seatbelt-equipped swings allow children with physical disabilities to swing next to children on typical swings. Bright colors, wheelchair accessible bridges and ramps, and tube slides make this playground a fun place for any child.

Tip: This play space offers the perfect opportunity for children to meet and play with peers of all ability levels, making friends they might never meet otherwise.


Full Circle Playground

Trumbull Nature and Arts Center, 7115 Main Street, Trumbull, CT

Teach the kids about recycling at its best by taking them to a playground created from about 50,000 plastic laundry detergent containers rescued from landfills. The company behind this initiative, Sun Products, specializes in detergent products like Wisk® and Snuggle®. The environmentally sustainable playground, which spans a 40-foot by 60-foot area, has monkey bars, swings, and plenty of opportunities for climbing and sliding.

Tip: Make use of the many picnic tables and benches around the park by opting for an al fresco meal break.


Sandcastle Park Playground

Located behind the Jennings Beach parking lot, Fairfield, CT

Swings, rings, and ladders make this castle-shaped play area a big hit with kids. Located near the beach, this playground entertains kids who have had enough swimming, splashing, and sand molding for one afternoon. Likewise, children who get bored with the playground can enjoy some beach-inspired fun before heading home. Older skater boys and girls love the skate park filled with camel humps, a wave sidewalk, and a quarter pipe.

Tip: A "beach sticker" is required to park at Jennings Beach from Memorial Day to Labor Day. If you don't have one, be sure to bring $15 on weekdays or $25 on weekends and holidays to pay for one-day parking.



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