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Tutors, Test Prep, & Academic Enrichment Programs for Kids in Brooklyn

Tutors, Test Prep, & Academic Enrichment Programs for Kids in Brooklyn

Give your child the academic boost they need at one of these Brooklyn tutors.

UPDATED April 2019: Children who are struggling in school can lose the motivation to try in specific subject areas. Sometimes children who are doing fine in school want a little extra learning to get ahead in a subject, while other children just need help preparing for the SAT, ACT, Regents, or state exams. If your child falls into one of these categories, a tutoring program, academic enrichment program, or test prep program in Brooklyn could be just right for you. So consult our list of tutors, academic enrichment programs, and test prep centers in Brooklyn to find the perfect program for your child. These services are located in Sheepshead Bay, Park Slope, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, Midwood, and Gravesend.

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150 4th Ave., Park Slope
1605 Voorhies Ave., Sheepshead Bay

Many parents today are facing educational challenges and looking for answers to help their children succeed academically. Whether the immediate goal is for early learning, remedial education, or academic advancement, Eye Level is the answer. Eye Level offers math and English programs for ages 3-14. Our instructors are able to tailor a curriculum by understanding the learning abilities of the students. With ongoing guidance of our instructors, each student will set attainable goals and learn at a comfortable pace. With each success, the student grows more self-confident, self-motivated, and self-directed in the quest for knowledge.

9 Hanover Place , Brooklyn
Email scientia.brooklyn@gmail.com

Experienced, understanding, compassionate, independent school teachers offer support for Spanish, Latin, French, English, essays, literature, physics, biology, chemistry, algebra, and geometry-all levels.

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