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Bully the Bully: Artists Against Hate to Show at Taino Theatre on Feb. 28

Bully the Bully: Artists Against Hate to Show at Taino Theatre on Feb. 28

On Feb. 28, Artists Against Hate will be performing Bully the Bully at Taino Theatre in Long Island City. There will be a 1pm showing for the students and faculty of the Garden School and a 7pm show for the general public. Bully the Bully: Artists Against Hate is an original mixed media work featuring poetry, scenes, and dance. They explore the importance of human connection and kindness in a charged political climate where different is often seen as vulgar or unusual.

Taino Theatre is excited to partner with The Garden School in Jackson Heights for a writing contest and mentoring program, in which the winners scene will be performed as a part of of the show and young actors will perform alongside the professionals of Taino Theatre.

"Innately, we are all the same. There is little that differentiates us in terms of bones and matter and DNA - but there is, always has been, and maybe always will be a yearning for us to be different from one another," says Israel Martinez, director, choreographer, and writer at Taino Theatre. "While some choose to see differences as positive and contributing to a full and well rounded society, some choose to bully those who step away from their norms."

Taino Theatre 37-34 29th St.
Long Island City 11101
(718) 932.4344

Garden School
33-16 79th Street


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