Cerebral Palsy Soccer NYC is Kicking off in Brooklyn

Cerebral Palsy Soccer NYC is Kicking off in Brooklyn

Following the successful programs in New Jersey, Houston and Mid-Atlantic, Cerebral Palsy Soccer (CP Soccer) is forming an NYC team in Brooklyn on September 30. The program is open to children with cerebral palsy, hemiplegia or traumatic brain injury who can walk and run unaided.

Children with cerebral palsy who can walk independently are often very active but cannot keep up with their able-bodied peers. There are very few sports activities dedicated to this group of children with physical disabilities, but are otherwise developmentally able. CP Soccer is a program for this group and helps both their physical and emotional development.

Kids get to meet and play alongside other kids just like them and are given a chance to compete with their peers. We've found this to be a life changing experience for both the children and their families! Kids benefit from meeting and sharing their stories with other children who have cerebral palsy while keeping fit in a team sport.

We are forming a team in NYC and will be training in Brooklyn for 2 hours on Sunday afternoons. This free program is open to kids aged 8-18 who have cerebral palsy, hemiplegia or traumatic brain injury who can run and kick and a ball. Training is provided by professional coaches from Super Soccer Stars who are trained for CP soccer.

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CP soccer is hugely popular in England and Australia where there are teams in most major cities. By building a league here, the program is the first to provide these kids with a chance to play on a competitive level with teams around the country. They are also opening the path for them to play at a higher level nationally. Ultimately, they will become a feeder program to the US National Paralympic Soccer Team. And indeed some of the players are heading in that direction!

CP Soccer follows the same participation guidelines set out by the International Paralympic Committee for 7-a-side football. All participants must have cerebral palsy, stroke, hemiplegia, or traumatic brain injury which affects their motor coordination yet still enables them to run and kick a ball.

Ages 8-18, girls and boys are welcome. No previous soccer experience is required. This program is free, and financial assistance is available for traveling to the venue. Please contact CP Soccer on the website for details.

CP Soccer NYC
175 West 72nd Street Apt 6E1
347 328 3390