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Children's Shakespeare Theatre in Palisades Presents Henry IV, Part 1

Children's Shakespeare Theatre in Palisades Presents Henry IV, Part 1

Tickets are now on sale for Children’s Shakespeare Theatre’s January performances of Henry IV, Part I. Directed by Brady Amoonclark, this thrilling epic is performed by the Knaves, children ages 8 to fourteen, and includes stunning swordfights, a Welsh folk song, and beautiful modern costumes.

Henry IV wants to lead a crusade but there are too many rebellions to be dealt with first. Henry IV’s son, also named Henry, is not living up to his princely duties, drinking in taverns with any Tom, Francis, or Falstaff instead. Meanwhile another Henry is getting ready to raise a rebellion- and he has a devilish magician and a brave-hearted Scottish warrior on his side. Falstaff and Prince Henry enjoy their hijinks, but all must end in a massive battle to decide who rules England.

Founded in 1999, this is Children Shakespeare Theatre’s twentieth season of performing in Rockland. This year they are presenting the histories.

Henry IV, Part 1 is playing January 11, 12, 18, and 19 at 7pm each night. Performances will be held at The Palisades Presbyterian Church at 117 Washington Spring Road, Palisades.

Tickets are available online at

More information about Children’s Shakespeare Theatre is available on the Children's Shakespeare Theatre website.

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