Comcast Now Offers Internet Essentials to Low-Income Families

Comcast's new Internet Essentials provides low-income families with affordable Internet service and netbook computers.


A low-cost internet option is bringing broadband service to people who otherwise could not afford it. Offered by Comcast, Internet Essentials provides low-income families with Internet service for $10 per month and netbook computers for $149 each.

mom and son at computer

Comcast's effort is narrowing the disparity between those who are and are not wired in a world that relies increasingly on the Internet as an essential facet of life. A huge mission for the service is to provide school-aged children with the Web at home -- an important aim considering how much schools rely upon Web-based research and activities. Although the Comcast service is not available everywhere, hopefully other telecom providers will follow suit, realizing the importance of wiring every household, and paving the way for broadband equality.

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