Make Your Own Halloween Monsters Out of Clay


Modeling Clay: Spooky Characters, a new arts and crafts how-to book, provides step-by-step instructions for the perfect do-it-yourself Halloween Decorations. Whether you're looking for a Halloween party game or an arts and crafts activity, this book has you covered.

Finished Clay Halloween Ogre Decoration

You're kids will have a blast creating monsters like this ogre with the help of Modeling Clay: Spooky Characters, a new book from Barron's Educational Series.

Spooky Characters Book CoverGrab a glob of clay and your little mad scientist helper and get ready to do the monster mash—not the dance, though. In her book new book, Modeling Clay: Spooky Charactersauthor and illustrator Bernadette Cuxart gives step-by-step instructions for making vampires, mummies, witches, and more. As you channel Dr. Frankenstein and create a few creepy creatures of your own, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to bring monsters to “life.” This ogre is just one of dozens of "spook-tacular" sculpting projects covered in Spooky Characters.

1. The body is a cylinder rounded at one end. Model the arms and legs with little sausages, the latter much thicker. You will need half an oval for the pants top.

Ogre Halloween decoration step 1

2. Join the legs to the pants top and smooth out the joins. Stick the pants onto the body.
Ogre Halloween decoration step 23. Make the handsby cutting the tip off a ball and flattening it a little. Mark fingers using a toothpick. To finish, stick the hand onto the corresponding arm with a piece of toothpick. Stick the arms onto the body with pieces of toothpick and bend one arm at the elbow. Stick and smooth a colored triangle onto each shoulder for it to look like a vest.

Ogre Halloween decoration step 34. Make some boots by sticking half ovals into the legs and adding a flat strip around the ankles. The belt can also be a flat strip, to which you can add a buckle made from a sausage.

Ogre Halloween decoration step 45. Model an oval for the head and make the face. Faces are simple. A little ball for the nose. A stripe made with a toothpick for the mouth (or a skewer if you want it to be bigger). The ears are made from flattened ball each. And for the eyes, you have to make little balls and flatten them one over the other, smaller each time. You can add a white one at the end to simulate shine. Instead of one of the eyes, leave a hollow to make him scarier. Add the chin with a flattened half ball, smooth the joins and stick on some construction paper fangs.

Ogre Halloween decoration step 5

6. To finish the face, you will need: little balls for warts, little sausages for eyebrows, a bendy straw to mark the scars, and some pieces of plastic tube for the beard. Stick the head in at chest height so that he appears hunchbacked. Place a modeling clay club in his hand.

Ogre Halloween decoration step 6

Excerpted from Modeling Clay: Spooky Characters. All images Courtesy of Barron's Educational Series ©2013 All Rights Reserved.