On The Blogroll: Dinner: A Love Story

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Bloggings From: Westchester, NY

Are you too exhausted after the work-day to consider anything other than frozen pizza or noodles to-go? Do you wish you could be more involved with the goings-on with the people in your own household, but too busy to sit down at the dinner table and the thought of turning off your Blackberry for a half-hour brings you close to an anxiety attack? On the blog Dinner: A Love Story, Jenny and Andy, a New York City full-time writer/editor couple, explain how they make family dinners work almost every night.

Using their experience with balancing the corporate world and the family at home, this duo brings some vital advice to the table, quite literally. Struggling right alongside the reader, the unautocratic couple explores the struggle between wanting a home-cooked dinner with every member seated around the table and the exhaustion that makes us cringe at the thought of even turning on the oven. The idea is that family dinner is a mindset, and the more often you do it, the more it becomes second-nature, and the more enjoyable it becomes. Jenny and Andy describe dinner as the “emotional anchor of our day,” and explain that it’s this short time at the end of the day when we should put down our smart phones and forgot about our nonsense and just enjoy the company of our families.

When Jenny gave birth to her second child, she vowed that she would only work full time if it meant that she could put a home-cooked meal on the table afterward at least more often than not, and her objective is to explain to readers how they too can have their cake and eat it. Jenny answers her readers’ questions in a daily Dear Jenny forum, and the couple posts What to Cook Tonight recipes each season that will make your life that much easier (no one likes to make another decision once the work day is over.)

This blog is a must-read for parents on-the-go, offering School Year’s Resolutions, tips on making the family function when school is in session, including the need for freezer meals every now and then, how to make your grocery shopping a weekly rather than daily chore, healthy after-school snacks, putting phones away at dinner time, and the importance of packing lunch. Jenny also explains how to make meals simple and therefore more appealing to your children. She explains that when dealing with picky eaters, “It’s all in the marketing.” In an effort to make this new lifestyle as easy as possible for readers, Jenny and Andy offer step-by-step recipes all in one handy-dandy recipe index. The recipes range from chicken wings and game day nachos to coq au vin and orecchiette.

In reading the blog, it becomes perfectly clear that the Jenny and Andy believe themselves to be parents first and foremost. Andy blogs, “We feel parenting is a series of euphoric, exhausting, life-affirming moments -- interrupted by packing school lunches," and this is why the couple feels it’s so important to share that at least 30 minutes as a family each night. — Kara Faulk