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Evidence-Based Social Skills Group Launches in Greenwich

Evidence-Based Social Skills Group Launches in Greenwich

Karina G. Campos, Psy.D will be offering PEERS, an evidence-based social skills group, for teens ages 11-17 struggling to make and keep friends this September in Greenwich, CT.

The PEERS curriculum is taught in a small group format using a variety of evidence based methods, including didactic instruction, modeling of appropriate social skills, coaching, and feedback regarding the use of newly learned social skills and weekly homework assignments completed by participations with the support and guidance of their parents.

A variety of pertinent topics are reviewed as part of the program, including teaching adolescents how they can choose appropriate friends and discover common interests by exchanging information and using appropriate conversation skills, and how they can more effectively manage conflict with friends as well as experiences of rejection, teasing, and bullying. The program will instruct teens on the appropriate use of social media and online safety and engaging others through suitable humor and learning-strategies for handling rumors and gossip.

PEERS lasts 14 weeks with weekly sessions that run 60-90 minutes each. Parents participate concurrently to learn the skills needed to support their teens in making and keeping friends.

If you are interested in learning more about the upcoming PEERS group in Greenwich and other programs, please contact Dr. Karina G. Campos directly at (475) 328-0279 or at

Karina G. Campos, LLC
East Putnam Avenue

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