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The Benefits of Family Time at Local Amusement Parks

The Benefits of Family Time at Local Amusement Parks

The smiling face or bewildered expression of a kid on a roller coaster with her mom or dad is more than enough to provide any parent a lifetime of half-grins and chuckles at the memory.

Every parent knows that spending family time is important for the whole family, but why? Most people wouldn’t get concerned about the reasons; however there is more than enough scientific proof to back up this gut feeling that parents already have.

Family bonding time has multiple benefits, including helping families listen to each other and interact better and more effectively with one another. It reinforces mutual respect and boosts children’s mental health and development.

Having dinner every night together is family bonding time, but it might not be enough, nor is it feasible for many families to do regularly. Experts recommend sharing fun activities together—such as visits to a park, attending a concert, or hitting the rides at an amusement park—as having a positive effect over the long term for the development of a child.

Facing Fears

A family living in Queens might find that visiting a local amusement park, such as Fantasy Forest at the Flushing Meadows Carousel, provides not only a memorable, fun day for parents and kids alike but also  gives parents a chance to see how their children act in scary or even stressful situations, assess their kids’ responses, and educate kids on how to handle them.

In these situations, children also will learn from their parents, as mom or dad models how to face fears and stress, such as riding a roller coaster. And this will, in turn, create a stronger bond between parent and child.

Regular family outings, such as visits to Forest Park Carousel for Queens families, will make your children feel like they matter to the family as a whole, that you are focusing on them and what makes them happy. And according to Journal of Family Issues, children who believe they matter to their families are less likely to later threaten or engage in violence.

The best way to make the kids feel like they matter is to make them feel loved by doing activities with them that will leave a lasting memory—such as riding a horse carousel with your dad!

An Easy Choice for Safe Fun

New York City can sometimes feel daunting for parents deciding what to do as a family—there is so much to do, but how to pick something that will satisfy everyone? Trying to make sure that whatever you choose is child friendly, safe, and fun enough to be engaging to the little ones can be a challenge. Parks, museums, carousels, and local amusement parks are sure ways of satisfying all ends of the spectrum.

For families looking to bond with their children in a safe place, there are many choices in every borough. These include the Pier 62 Carousel and SeaGlass Carousel in Manhattan, Fantasy Forest Amusement Park and Forest Park Carousel in Queens, and the kiddie amusement park Fantasy Shore in Staten Island (all operated by NY Carousel).

All of these places are geared toward families with young kids who want a safe and fun place to engage their children. They also appeal to older, more mature children and adults by offering an old-school amusement park nostalgic experience.

Choosing to spend a day at one of these family venues helps to create lasting memories. Children will not forget this meaningful family time. Deciding to regularly plan special outings such as carousel rides and other “family time” activities should be an enjoyable and fun way to raise healthy and happy children that love and feel loved.