Fun Day Trips for Families Near NYC

Fun Day Trips for Families Near NYC


Check out our picks for the best day and weekend trips, short road trips, and mini vacations in the New York City area. These kid-friendly destinations are within easy traveling distance and offer fun for the whole family.

Living in the New York City area, we’re privy to some pretty amazing places all year-round—museums, zoos, cultural centers, theaters, historic sites, and much more, all in our proverbial backyard.

But family vacations are the stuff memories are made of. Most of us don’t have a tour of Europe in the budget but fortunately, you don’t have to go that far for a memorable family vacation. There are tons of worthy attractions within easy traveling distance that are perfect for a day/weekend trip or mini vacation your kids won't soon forget.

Weekend Adventures

1. With gems like the Liberty Bell and the Please Touch Museum (pictured at right is the museum's Wonderland exhibit), historic Philadelphia is the ideal place to spend a long summer weekend.

2. If you really want to get in touch with our nation's history (and ogle some awesome monuments while you're at it), take a trip to the capital. Getting a glimpse of "The Declaration of Independence" is reason enough to visit Washington, DC.

3. Done DC already? What about nearby Maryland? Check out the kid-friendly side of Baltimore.

4. A two-day trip to Concord, Massachusetts and the home of Louisa May Alcott (author of "Little Women") is the great way to commemorate Mother's Day or any other time set aside just for girls.

5. Join the colonial militia, chat with one of our nation's Founding Fathers, and explore 18th-century life at the uber-family-friendly Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.

6. If you're family's an active bunch, let them loose on the expansive hiking and nature trails of Upstate New York. (You may be surprised how a few hours' drive north can change your perspective!) Make it a real adventure by pitching your tent at a campsite and spending the weekend in the wilderness.

costumed docent at Bartow-Pell Mansion MuseumDay Trips

1. If you're looking for something more specific (think underground waterfalls, bubble gum-blowing festivals, and a place that’s actually named Dinosaur Park—for good reason!), check out our roundup of family destinations in NY, NJ, CT, MA, and PA.

2. Reign it in a little closer to home: Check out our (ever-growing) Family Outing series, which highlights the most kid-friendly places in the New York City area.