Top Things to Do with Kids in Brooklyn this March

Find the top things to do this month with kids in the NYC area in our Calendar of Events

Looking for fun and low-cost things to do with your kids in Brooklyn? Get the details on the best kids' events happening in the borough this March, including family-friendly concerts and shows, Women's History Month events, kids' movies, and more.
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Rin Tin TinMarch 4

Tough Dog

Before Ace the Wonderdog, before Snoopy, Lassie, and Benji, there was Rin Tin Tin, the beautiful German shepherd and star of many movies (including several silent films) that catapulted him to A-list Hollywood status. One of his films Where the North Begins (1923), even saved Warner Bros. from bankruptcy. Rinty, as he was known, was super smart and athletic; his descendents played up his legend in the 1950 TV series The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin. The Brooklyn Public Library celebrates the near-mythical dog with a showing of his ninth feature, Clash of the Wolves, in which he portrays a half-wolf/half-dog named Lobo. FREE!


School of American BalletMarch 11

Dancing Dreams

For many aspiring ballerinas, studying at the prestigious School of American Ballet is an ever-present dream. The students enrolled in this Lincoln Center-based institution are driven to pirouette their way to recognition. The rest of us are offered a glimpse into the ballet preparatory world at The Beauty of Ballet, a rehearsal/performance featuring students and faculty of the American Ballet Theater. The audience will watch the dancers demonstrate training exercises as well as excerpts from famous ballets. FREE!


Pippi LongstockingMarch 12

Kids, Meet Pippi

Pippi Longstocking rocks the pigtails at Big Movies for Little Kids at Cobble Hill Cinemas.



Flooky and the BeansMarch 24

Feeling Flook-tastic

Flooky and the Beans bring their wacky brand of music to the Brooklyn Public Library’s central branch near the end of the month. FREE!



Paper Bag PlayersMarch 25

What's Your Bag?

The world-renowned Paper Bag Players have been around long enough to span the globe as well as several generations, and they’ve won nearly every award there is for a children’s theater troupe. They appeared on public television back in the ‘60s and were the first theater for children to perform at Lincoln Center. Despite personnel changes, the constant has always been Vaudeville-inspired bits, spoken and sung, with plenty of mime, sight gags, slapstick, eye-grabbing scenery, and stuff that makes young and old double over in hysterics. When Judith Martin founded the Bags in 1958, she incorporated a Russian method of dramatizing fairytales with fantasy, song, and dance before using the template for her own stories. Her mission was always child-centered, teaching the realities of life through entertainment, education, and the magic of theater. The Paper Bag Players’ current production is Laugh, Laugh, Laugh, in which the cast introduces a fabulous new dance called the "Shakey Shake."



Songs for Unusual CreaturesMarch 31

Meet the Bilbys

Michael Hearst composes songs based on subjects some might consider mundane: one album uses recipes as lyrics, while another is an interpretation of ice cream truck music. Hearst’s newest album, Songs for Unusual Creatures, celebrates obscure animals you might only know about from watching a National Geographic travel adventure. During concerts, every member of his live band is dressed like one of these creatures while footage of the animal is projected onto a screen. Audience members will get to know the elephant shrew, the giant Chinese salamander, the aye-aye, the infamous honey badger, and, of course, the bilby, while Hearst and his band perform using a range of homemade and eclectic instruments like the theremin, claviola, and trombonophone.



Throughout March…

Celebrate Women's History Month

Women's History Month, celebrated each March, commemorates the achievements of generations of women whose commitment to nature and society have proved invaluable. Bring your kids to some related events taking place in Brooklyn.